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The Essence of Style: Best Black Watches for Men

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In a last few decades since the advent of mobile phones and later smart phones there has been an abject change: Watches have seemed to be old fashioned and have started to disappear from men’s wrists. Once watches were an essential accessory for both men and women, so they could keep themselves updated with the current time and enhance their punctuality at work and daily regime. For me and many others a watch is something a man can wear daily and swap it with different outfits to suit the occasion. It reflects the style of a man: It is a man’s signature piece. Today’s successful men like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk all wear a watch.

When it comes down to selecting the correct timepiece for an occasion, style, design, and performance are the fundamental features one must consider. Even the colour of the watch is a crucial decision. For modish men, sublime choice would be a sleek and stylish black wrist watch which would be an all-rounder for work, get together and evening outs. We present to you a refined list of the popular black watches for men which vary from the top luxury brands to the more affordable ones which won’t cost you top dollar.

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One of the most craved, internationally eulogized luxury watch brands is indeed Rolex. It has been listed on the Forbes’s list of most powerful brands. Rolex offers a wide range of watches but talking specifically about black watches for men, the best among the lot is Rolex Yacht-Master. It has an alluring black dial, encompassed by the special Everose gold and covered by a 40mm oyster case. 18 carat gold hour adds a debonair semblance. The black colour makes it perfect for everyday and important events of life.

Piaget is a Swiss brand founded by George Edouard Piaget. The brand is renowned for its thin watches, unique materials and phenomenal dials with glamorous stones engraved on them. Bell & Ross is a famous French brand founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. The designs of the watches of this brands and influenced by aircraft instruments and have a flashy, sporty and athletic look. TAG Heuer is a luxury timepiece manufacturing company which also produces fashion accessories and eyewear. Founded in 1860, the watches crafted by TAG Heuer have evolved over the years but more or less they have maintained a sporty look.

Another German brand which fabricates superior quality timepieces that embodies the apex of exquisite watch in making is A,Lange & Sohne. The timepieces manufactured by them are an icon of style. The cases of these watches are comprised of different tones of gold including rose gold, white gold and platinum. Moreover, the brand favours mechanical movements over quartz movements. Germans are giving tough competition to the watch maker brands round the globe. Adding to the list of the classic black watches for men is the Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date In Stainless Steel.

Seiko is a well-known Japanese brand founded in 1881, famous for its function and style. The brand has evolved over the years and manufactures both mechanical and quartz timepieces. It has expanded its domain into jewellery, eyewear and surprisingly enough in printers. 2018’s limited edition “the black series” has been in a lot of limelight.

This incredible masterpiece is specifically designed for night diving, meeting the Seiko’s strict standards for diver’s timepieces. The LumiBrite feature ensures an unwavering visibility even in acute darkness and the orange minute hand indicates the time with profound accuracy. The watch has a special screw down crown to endure diving conditions as deep as 200m. The solar cell embedded in it has the ability to convert all the types of light to energy to power this masterpiece.

Now moving further with the more affordable brands of watches which are competent enough to provide the desired look but at an expedient cost. Casioid eminent among them as it provides a diverse range of elegant timepieces, varying from digital sports to formal dress watches. The watches do not only fulfil the criteria of high quality standards but also delivers on aesthetics.

Another popular brand of watch makers who craft the most accurate watches at a fraction of the price of the high end designer watches is the Citizen. Calvin Klein is an American fashion house which has established its headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. It is not exclusively a brand which manufactures watches but they have managed to pull off timepieces with graceful designs and high calibre with a touch of opulence at an affordable price.

The founder of Tommy Hilfiger is Thomas Jacobs who is an American fashion designer. This brand is also not entirely focused on crafting timepieces but have earned themselves a place in this field too because of their unique and stylish designs which gives a finishing touch to their classy and casual outfits.


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