Are We Too Dependent on Technology Nowadays

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 ‘It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.’ So true and fittingly reflecting upon the current scenario. Greetings to all! To begin with, can human beings limit their enslavement to the technological advancement? Can we stop this blind reliance on the gadget bound world. Right from simple calculations to tech-driven high-end gadgets, human minds have surrendered themselves completely to the tech world .The 21st century has taken man to the heights of technological advancement. Be it your phone or your car or the gadgets at home, we are instinctively connected to our apps. The dependency on the technology has bound the vigor to do things, cramping the space to be independent. The ease and comfort offered by the technology has driven the society towards mayhem. Consequently, producing a generation of spineless adults and youngsters, entirely overwhelmed by the technology. So are we too dependent on technology?

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Technology at times can be difficult and hazardous. Our house, our phones, our cars, everything that we own is either surrounded or runs through technology. For instance, a humorous video circulating online has very succinctly captured this idea. A man found himself locked out of his house when the door that was operated by the biometrics suddenly locks out the man from his house. The man had an eye infection, which as consulted, must be covered with glasses, thus he was unable to access the scanner at the door. It was a strange dilemma of being caught in the trap of technology. The state evokes derision towards technology, which certainly has made life easy but also has enslaved the humanity.

Can you think of a world where technology is the only friend one can have and they are unable to talk to people face to face? Can you guess how many people would survive if technology suddenly disappeared?

The sharp bent of mind is challenged with the easily accessible knowledge available at the press of a button. Gone are the days when we were number crunchers. Ironically, how many of us are independent in basic calculations, reading maps and recalling phone numbers? The acute problem arises because the minds have become rusted and have worn out.

Moving on to the youngest generation, as observed they are handed over with gadgets at such an early age, which not only hinders with their intellect but also their cognitive skills. Due to this, they rarely visit the outside world and are unable to interact or even meet new people. American Academy of Pediatrics evidently says that by making children play in playgrounds, several health issues could be prevented such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and bone and heart problems in the future. Would you still want to hand them to the tech-world?

Moreover, a recent survey has brought forth information, stating that in America alone 99% of people reportedly use technology. Dependency, on these technological devices, is assaulting our intelligence and is making it weaker day by day, and hour by hour. Well to further raise questions about this particular issue, I vociferously want to raise a simple question. “What is 775 times 542?”Can you answer this without using a calculator? As the famous writer ‘Gregory Y. Titelman’ once mentioned in his book, “Uses promptos facit” which means the more you practice, the better you are, but technology has changed this time honored adage as negating the long term on the human brain. It makes the work simpler, easier and less challenging which might seem beneficial but it is undeniably decaying your critical and analytical thinking.

Our knowledge is bound. This level of dependency is alarming. Right from the simplest of jobs like enhancing vocabulary, which demands looking in the dictionary, turning pages and spotting the word seems tedious! The joy of finding a word in thesaurus is grappled by the presence of an online dictionary, which may not even be hundred percent accurate, depending upon the irrelevance of the context.

Nowadays, people prefer reading online. In our 21st century these are known as e-books. Well, there is nothing wrong in reading the virtual books or texts on the smart phones, tablets or kindles. But, we should not neglect the fact that today’s enthusiasts; children are depending upon the e-books rather than physical paper books (that tends to be our traditional books.) There are many who love the essence of paper books rather than using the digital version of books. Well to conclude I would rather frame it that in this uprising world of technology there should be a limited use of everything and should not be dependent on them for everything.          

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