Are We Too Dependent on Technology

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Technology nowadays has become part of many people’s life. It is not only used to communicate by calling and texting, but also to do research, gain knowledge, send information using email. It is also convenient to do things such as shop, pay bills, read audiobooks, watch the news, movies online, and play video games, especially for the young. In more research and experimentation, the development of science and technology has to get more advanced and will bring people to a better future. Technology is used worldwide for individuals in personal, educational, medical, and business. As people gain understanding of the benefits of technology, people slowly forget the negative effects and rely more on technology. If people spend 2 or more hours in front of the screen in a long-term period, exposure to any electronics technology, it will appear eyestrain, poor sleep patterns, headache, negative posture influence, stress, and poor mental health. It is also affecting them to have unstable or even shortened their sleep time to stay in front of the screen. These are substantial impacts that influent people’s health and values that need to be aware and take action. This situation can affect people to have lack of social experience, interpersonal communication, the manages of time, and physical problem. This research is used to help people to prevent and pay attention to the lack when using technology devices. So are we too dependent on technology?

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Most of the people now would like to spend more time using technology devices to communicate rather than communicate with family and friends, or having outdoor activities. According to Przybylski and other’s research, “phones can direct attention away from face-to-face conversations by making concerns about maintaining wider social networks salient.” This shows that even if people are gathering in a group, there will be someone who will put more focus on the notifications or messages of their phone. It will cause the person fails to respond to those around him most of the time, and makes the others feel that he does not care about them. The communication devices are convenient to have communication by calling and texting, but it also forms an isolation and blocks the opportunity to have deeper understanding, face-to-face communication and relationship between people. People will be more dependent on technology devices as technology advances in real life as well as the internet. Morrison and others argued, “The internet is coming to be popularly regarded as a breeding encouragement to those with suicidal tendencies.” The usage of internet has become essential to search, get, and share information used for education, work, and communication. Everyone has experienced on receiving good and malicious comments in conversation. If a person received good feedback, they can encourage a person to be better, regain his self-confidence, and strengthen his values in life. For malicious conversation, most of the people will psychologically feel uncomfortable. If a person cannot bear it, it will cause significant harm to this person. The way that people speak can influence other people’s thought, especially those who are depressed and try to find self-confidence from other people.

Video Games such as PlayStation and Xbox, have become a popular activity among children and young adults. It allows the youth to have the ability to solve problems in reality and communicate to have teamwork by challenging and learning from mistakes. The problem is the youth spend a lot of time to play video games, and it affects their sleep. Not only video games, but there are also other media and devices like television, cell phone, and laptops they use with more screen times. The authors discuss, “screen time promotes obesity through two vehicles: poor eating habits and/or lack of exercise.” When people become addicted to spend more time on screens, it will make them forget how long they have stayed in front of the screen. This means that they will not be able to eat at certain times or take time to exercise, which will influence their eating habits and health. It will also affect their emotional state with irritable and impatient communication with their family, friends, and the others who are close to them. They will be more dependent on playing games and devices in the whole day. The authors discuss, “more television viewing and internet use in the last 90 min before sleep predicted a worse night’s sleep or sleep quality in children”. This shows that even before going to bed or sleep late in early morning after midnight especially those who have their own bedroom, they are still using technology devices. People like to use electronic devices to relax, especially at night, but using devices before bedtime can influence psychologically and their sleep. The closer the screen time and the bedtime, the more people will have problems falling asleep and will cause insomnia. This will cause mental decline and reducing memory.

People who are working and sitting all day long facing electrical devices such as laptop and tablets is possible to have technology diseases such as eyestrain, neck, shoulder, and back pain. As Tiric-Campara and others argued about carpal tunnel syndrome, an impact on hands and arms, “resulting from pressure on the central nerve (median nerve) in the carpal tunnel (lat. canalis carpi) and reflected in reduction of sensation, pain, paresthesia (numbness, tingling), and muscle weakness in the hands and forearms.” Electronic devices can produce electron radiation. When people are facing the electrical devices for a long time period, electronic radiation will affect the nerve and the human circulatory system of the body. For the people who operate a computer mouse by hand for too long will cause a disease that tends to damage the tendon and reduce the sensitivity of their hand. “In case of a longer duration of illness and long-term nerve compression, there is an unnecessary prolongation of the patient discomfort, severe nerve damage, prolonged recovery time after surgery, and generally reduced chances for successful surgical treatment.” When affected by electrical appliances for a long time, the nervous system of the body will be harmed, and even affect the brain that will cause mental effects such as headache, which can affect personal emotions to become irritable, impatient, and sleep. It will also cause symptoms such as feeling pain, getting numb, and reduce the sensitivity of a person’s hands and fingers. Even if these symptoms can be treated, people also need to be able to control their time in front of screens. The time people are having recovery will be more than the time they spend in front of screens.

The authors discuss, “Factors contributing to this problem are the modern way of life, prolonged sitting and inadequate, fixed or artificial positions. The root of these problems is found in the mechanical disorders of the cervical spine, poor posture and quick movements of the body.” People love to enjoy their relaxation moment when having break time or an off day from work. They will like to find a comfortable position when lying down or sitting in front on the screen. This will cause people inadvertently have an improper posture that will hurt their body, especially their spine. Most of these people will have the problem of humpbacked that will make them easy to feel fatigued. Tiric-Campara and others also state, “The long-term work at the computer leads to inflammation of tendons and exchanges shoulder joint, and in severe cases can lead to tearing of tendons and muscles “rotator cuff”.”This show that if a person stay for a long period in front of the screen will affect shoulder joint and muscles become stiff, it will be difficult to move our arm which can restricted mobility and feel pain at the joint part. Over time, the strength of the person’s hands will be weakened and powerless when handling or moving things.

Technology devices have many advantages around all the people in the world, but there are also have disadvantages. These have made us form a lot of positive and negative habits in our lives. When technology is getting more developed, everyone will forget or ignore the lack because of the benefits that make people to be more dependent on it. Most people might have known the changes in them, but still, maintain their lifestyle in the same way and would have weakened their health and values. We should be aware of our posture whenever we are, especially when we are using electronic devices. People can take a short break to stay away from devices and exercise our bodies. Not to stay in front of the screen for too long that will influence physical and mental health. It also shows people should know the awareness about the impacts when having online activities with other people. A sudden change in personality and habits can be difficult, but we can do it step by step to prevent and pay attention when using devices before it influences our health and values become worse.

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