Definition of Luck and How to Become Lucky

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Definition of Luck and How to Become Lucky

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Are you lucky? Maybe you’ve won a prize? Or maybe you haven't. Thomas Jefferson once said "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Luck. What is it? People believe that luck is good karma that you can obtain my loving and forgiving others. They believe that to obtain luck you have to let go of old grudges. Although this is what people believe luck is; The dictionary states that luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. Is luck really brought upon you by chance? Luck has nothing to do with chance but rather being open to new experiences, hard work, positive thinking and perseverance.

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One of the many stories that I read when I was researching luck was one from Steven Spielberg. Spielberg was 17 years old when he spent some time with his cousin in 1965, they toured Universal Pictures. His story started as he snuck off on a bathroom break to watch some real action because the tram he was on did not stop at many of the stages. hen he encountered an unfamiliar face who demanded to know what he was doing, he told him his story. The man turned out to be the head of the editorial department. The very next day Spielberg was invited back and managed to impress Chuck Silvers with four of his eight millimeter films. This is the start that Spielberg needed to start making big bucks and the start that led to his first contract with Universal Studios.

What's better? Huddling in your room all day or going out and experiencing new things? Studies have proven that people who are lucky are far more open to new experiences. People who are unlucky are creatures of habit. The people who never vary in what they do. To them, every day is the same over and over again. If you want to be lucky then try spice up your life. Meet new people or maybe go to new places. These increase the possibility of running into those lucky situations that those lucky people always seem to run right into. Luck isn't just about trying new things but also about working hard even when that work is…...hard.

In 1994 there was a study on luck that suggested that luck comes from trying. Those people who continue to try. Even when they are faced with obstacles are supposedly luckier than those who don't try, or those who give up to easily. The initiator of the study: Richard Wiseman said, “people have to persevere, they have got to stick at it. People give up too soon. The ones who achieve their goals are the ones who - when they hit obstacles - don't just give up and pack it in, they try again! They find another route. They are versatile. They can be flexible. They can figure new ways of coming to the solution. Luck is accepting that responsibility for who you are and the person inside you who drives the bus. They arent the person that is being driven.

There are times when bad luck rules over you. But to get good luck you have to work through the times of bad. Some of the most important things with creating your own luck is that being open to new experiences and persevering. The crucial part that I haven't mentioned yet is your thought process. Another luck study describes a woman whose life was full of bad luck because her mindset, her thought process was just all about her bad luck. One of the creators said: "When she would come to the unit to be interviewed, it would be just this whole string of bad-luck stories: "I can't find anyone. I'm unlucky in love. But when I did finally find someone, the guy fell off his motorbike. The next blind date broke his nose. We were supposed to get married, and the church burned down." But to every single interview, she'd bring along her two kids. They were 6 and 7 years old -- very healthy, very happy kids who'd sit there and play.”

The creator also stated that it was interesting because most people would love to have two kids like that. But because she is unlucky in her mind, that wasn't part of her world.” The short truth related to positive thinking also seems to apply to the thought and concept of luck. If you missed the bus, or a deal doesn't work out. Look to the bright side and it may encourage that little bit of luck to come your way. Maybe because you didn't get the deal another one with an even greater value may work out in your favour. Or maybe because you missed that bus. You get a ride with a not so bad looking co worker.

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