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Table of Contents

  • Traffic Management
  • Human/Pet Safety
  • Theft
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart defence systems

There are various areas are found in which IoT can be develop the system and helpful more to make the system.

Traffic Management

One of most commonly discussed IoT use case is monitoring traffic violations. For example odd/even rule in Delhi, you can put a RFID tag on each car’s number plate and then RFID readers installed at traffic signal to detect and report violators. Speeding of vehicle can be monitored by OBD2 dongle based connected car solution where in the driver and the owner of the car is informed about over speeding, frequent braking, rash driving or unknown/non-regular stops. You can build smart highways by installing smart sensors and camera in the highway street lights, which monitor traffic and congesting in real time and enable map services and city traffic management to plan diversions or re-routes.

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Human/Pet Safety

Wearable these days are becoming common things and not just smart watches but I have seen innovation such as smart pendant for women with SOS button to alert the authorities in case of danger. Child and elderly tracking devices can inform or alert in case of perimeter breach using geo-fencing. Dog and a cat tracker that connect to the internet over SIM card and allow the owner to monitor the movement and lethargy are also becoming popular.


India has one of the highest rate of household thefts specially in north India were independent homes are regular. Smart door locks with monitoring can enable homeowners to program them and get alert in case of breach and also at the same time alert the nearest police station. Home cameras which are internet enabled can allow you to monitor your home remotely.d. Smart Transportation: Self-driving cars with softwares, sensors and smart connectivity will change the transportation industry forever. Vehicles will drive on roads automatically without any manual activity. The hope for self-driving cars is to prevent accidents, relieve traffic jams etc. Lower carbon emissions is also a benefit for the environment.

Smart Retail

Through a unified IoT platform, the retailers (like Hyper-retails and Quick Service Restaurants etc.) are empowered to improve operational efficiency, monitor employee activity, control pilferage, make the security smarter/efficient, provide omni-channel support, better customer experience, efficient fleet management etc. As we all know very well that pilferage cases are increasing day to day and in order to control them and vandalism, IoT based sensors provide smart alerts directly on your cloud-based mobile application in real-time. Overall the IoT based solutions have the ability to provide smarter actionable business analytics for smarter business decision making and optimisation.

Smart defence systems

Smart borders and smarter surveillance systems could prevent wars before they start. Sensors installed on borders which detect movement and prevent people from crossing over. Also consider smarter drones which can automatically detect and recognize the enemy and innocent civilians and target only the enemy.

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