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Argentina And Columbia: Political Analysis

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In terms of the Political angle of the PESTLE analysis, we will be talking about the Global Corruption Index and the Human Rights Index of Argentina and Columbia. We will discuss their ranks and scores for each index, as well as why they received these scores.


Transparency International is an organization that is dedicated to educating and bringing corruption of any sort in countries around the world to light. According to them, Argentina ranks 85th out of 180 countries that are ranked on the Global Corruption Index. Argentina was given a score of 40 out of 100, with 0 meaning the country is highly corrupt and 100 meaning the country is very clean.

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Argentina ranks close to the middle out of the 180 countries, which brings us to why it was ranked in the middle. The country has certainly seen corruption for decades, with payoffs and government corruption being the largest issue of corruption. As in most countries dealing with corruption, bribery and fraud are highly prevalent. Lastly, government regulations and laws are weak and cause plenty of issues amongst the Argentinian people. However, Argentina has seemed to be improving and trying to combat corruption. According to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the FATF is an organization part of the G7 that removed Argentina from its “gray list” in 2014. The gray list is a list of countries that do not comply and cooperate with leaders of the G7 in helping to reduce corruption in its country. The FATF cited that Argentina had supposedly “improved legislation” and combated money laundering. But legislation and basic human rights are still an issue in the country

As for the Human Rights Index, Argentina received a score of 84 out of 100 considering it has a “free” country with human and political rights according to Freedom House (2019). The ranking should not be considered right, as there are still issues within the country that limit the citizens of Argentina.

Citizens of Argentina suffer widespread abuse by police, women face violence, and clashes between protests cause uproars and violence between citizens according to the Human Rights Watch (2019). But, it is important to note that Argentina has one of the world’s best rights protecting members of the LGBT community against harassment, discrimination, and violence. The country continues to strive for its LGBT community, which is a shocking but interesting detail about the country’s human rights. But in the end, Argentina still has plenty of issues to fix in order for its citizens to believe in the government.


Columbia seemingly ranks below Argentina in the Global Corruption Index, ranked at 99th out of 180 countries with a score of 36 out of 100 according to Transparency International. It certainly has more issues than Argentina in terms of corruption.

Known for its high drug trafficking and gangs, Columbia certainly is in the news in terms of widespread corruption. Political parties and the Parliament are the most corrupt areas, with drug trafficking, guerrilla and paramilitary armies running through the highest power. Similar to Argentina, Columbia also has weak legislation. Columbia is fighting similar issues such as money laundering and improving legislation, but its behavior for citizens has not changed much.

While Argentina received a score of 84 out of 100 making it a “free” country, Columbia received a score of 66 out of 100, making it a “partially free” country. The ranking for Columbia should be considered correct due to unrest and limitations of the citizens

Citizens face daylight abuse from illegal armed groups, there are little to no workers rights and most work illegally in those terms, there are also wrong full killings and violence towards protestors and activists seeking proper rights for the people of Columbia. These are just a few examples of how Columbians have to deal with unethical behavior in the country. Women are also subject to violence, just like in Argentina. However, Columbia has taken steps to recognize members of the LGBT community, but the rights are still limited and are not accepted unlike in Argentina. According to Human Rights Watch, violence from guerrilla and paramilitary armies has increased in 2018 (2019). There is certainly no sign of human rights changing in Columbia.


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