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Argument And Explanation Distinctions Between Elizabeth Bumiller’s

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The two articles address evolution in a very detailed matter with convincing evidence. Elizabeth Bumiller’s article is obviously an explanation. At first, it may look like Fullam is offering an explanation while Bumiller has an argument. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Bumiller’s article provides the reader with a summary of what Bush said about the debate on the theory of evolution which is illustrated by the title of the article, it’s non-bias towards one side, and the use of quotes used in the article do not support neither sides. Fullam is undoubtedly presenting an argument due to the article’s title, incorporating her own opinion along with evidence to back up her opinion, and entirely believing the theory of evolution based on established observation.

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The first assertion that was concluded was based upon the title of each article. First, the article by Elizabeth Bumiller “Bush Remarks Roil Debate Over Teaching of Evolution,” the article undoubtedly illustrates a debate over the teaching of evolution by Bush which the reader would conclude from the title that it is an explanation and it talks about one topic. Second, the article by Lisa Fullam “Of God and the Case for Unintelligent Design,” just from reading the article’s title, one can tell that it is an argument between two topics, God, and unintelligent design.

The second assertion was determined based upon the fact that one of the writers didn’t take a stand while the other writer picked a side with reasons to assert her belief. The first article “Bush Remarks Roil Debate Over Teaching of Evolution,” written by Elizabeth Bumiller didn’t mention once which side she was on, all she mentioned were quotes of Mr. Bush’s comments of him explaining each side of the debate. While Bumiller didn’t take sides in her article, Fullam did indeed take a stand by explaining a convincing argument about evolution. Also, this is where she gave the reader an understanding about the opposite point of view which is the “unintelligent design.” Moreover, Lisa Fullam’s article made an argument that only presents Fullam’s opinion along with evidence to support her opinion. While Ms. Fullam does use facts about rabbit digestion, horse digestion, mammalian testicles, and human back aches she also follows these facts with what she thinks about each fact. She presents facts and reasons for her audience to believe her opinion that the notion of intelligent design is unintelligent in and of itself because nature has too many flaws. she exclusively talks about how if God does exist he made life full of flaws which furthermore proves her article is indeed an argument because unlike Bumiller, Fullam did make a statement.

The third assertion was decided upon the fact that all of Bumiller’s quotes were neutral, she neither confirmed or denied which side she was on, for example, as Bush claimed, “I felt like both sides ought to be properly taught… so people can understand what the debate is about” (Bush). This passage demonstrates how Bush was trying to urge the schools and states to start teaching the side of church where God is the intelligent designer along with the theory of evolution, the reader can grasp the fact that Bush is trying to explain both sides to the public, so people can know what the debate is about. In contrast with Bumiller’s feeble article, Fullam’s article illustrates what she believes in due to the fact that she is an atheist, and how that if the theory of Charles Darwin of evolution is correct then it would make sense since nature could be flawed but God cannot.

All in all, one easy way to distinguish between an argument and an explanation is to take into account whether the writer has taken a stance or not, and then if they used supporting evidence to persuade the reader that their view is the one they believe in. Persuasion is also an important clue when you’re dealing distinguishing between an argument and an explanation. Elizabeth Bumiller completely failed to convince the reader of her article because she didn’t choose a side in the first place. Moreover, after reading her article, it appears more like a summary or recap than an actual argument about God Vs. the theory of evolution which is written by Fullam.

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