Argumentative Debate on the Opportunity that United Kingdom Should Leave the European Union

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Recently, a referendum posed by Prime Minister David Cameron has given risen concern in the world of foreign politics, whether the United Kingdom remain or leave the European Union. Even though the Prime Minister pushed for renegotiations regarding the country’s membership in the EU, many cabinet members campaigned for a complete exit. A vote has taken place consisting of most UK citizens of age, and the polls have concluded the final decision resulting in the Brexit - British Exit, with 52 to 48 percent. This is not in favor of most political parties, who voted to remain (Lecture 6). Arguments arise on whether it was the United Kingdom’s advantage to leave or ideal to remain.

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When UK citizens contemplated their decision on polls whether to remain or leave, many important issues arose. If the UK were to leave, a membership fee of 13 billion Euros would be saved, but there are financial advantages of remaining that may not be evident until after the exit ( Leaving the European Union would allow for more a diversified trading market beyond the limitations and regulations that the EU places on its members, although it would cut ties on fourty-four percent of already existing exports to other EU countries ( Striving for diversification would mean cutting off already existing agreements, setting the country back economically. In example, “the EU is currently negotiating with the US to create the world’s biggest free trade area” ( By dismembering, there is loss of economic advantage. In the case of Investment, there is a lot of uncertainty in the future value of UK assets. Foreign investors will likely not invest as much as previously done so, resulting in less production and deterioration of economic performance (Investment Market Drivers). On the other hand, this could also make the UK a safe haven from possible market risks since it is one of the EU’s most powerful economies ( Another considerable argument of the Brexit would be on the topic of migration. With the “EU law, Britain cannot prevent anyone from another member state coming to live in the country” ( This exit would allow Britain to put restrictions on who can migrate into the country, allowing for labor shortages. Leaving the EU would have a considerable impact on British jobs; an estimated 100,000 jobs will be lost according to a Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Investor. Additionally, there are over 1.5 million European workers and 2.93 million workers from outside the EU, so expat jobs would be in question if Britain were to completely change immigration law. Alternatively, there would be more jobs available for those who remain in the country, creating less interdependence on foreign countries for workers. While some argue the Brexit is an attempt to regain the democratic power of the people, others such as Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn argue that national sovereignty would not be enhanced and would take away power to influence events in the interdependence world (

Personally, I found the arguments of Remain to be more persuasive. The case of membership alone raised a good enough argument in my opinion. Remaining in the European Union would have kept Britain in a single market along with its member states, continuing with current economic interdependence and eventually, gaining more economic performance by working on progressive free trade deals with the United States. Considering EU members consist of forty-four percent of the exports, future trade with EU countries is now in question. Foreign investments will fall resulting in lower producing, in turn affecting the market and jobs. A majority of the possibilities that the United Kingdom is acting on seem to not necessarily be set in stone, uncertainty is in the air. Immigration, investments, trade, and jobs all play a role in the unforeseen economic and political future of the United Kingdom with the exit from the European Union.

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