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Abortion is one of the most debatable topics that exist in today's society. There are people who are against it and people who aren't, some people believe abortion is a choice while other's disagree. Some women support the idea that abortion is a free choice and other women say no one has the power to decide. Whether to let a child be born or to put it to an end, I have researched a lot for this essay and I have used the research to help me write this essay.

Abortion is when a woman decides to put an end to her pregnancy, it is when a woman wants to remove her foetus before it is even born. But, some people may not put it that way, other's think that abortion is killing your baby before it is even in this world some people even say it is classified as murder. Personally, I think that abortion is a bad thing, I disagree and disapprove of the idea of it.

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It is absolutely unnatural for a human being to decide whether another human should live or die. Abortion is a very strong and sensitive topic that should not be taken lightly. When an abortion takes place, a human life is taken away. This has been globally researched and it was argued that the foetus was just a mass of tissue that wasn't really alive, but it has been proven scientifically that the foetus is a human being. A foetus contains all the organs, so when the life of a foetus is taken you are practically taking the life of a human being, this is not something made up it is a literal fact. There are reasons why people feel so strongly about abortion, some reasons are because of life experiences, religious beliefs and also because it is painful for a lot of people as they can't have kids.

As I said earlier, abortion is one of the most debatable topic's that exist, even today there are people who say abortion is a free will while others argue that no one should be able to take away another human being's life because they want to. No matter what the reason is, I believe that every woman that considers putting an end to her child understands that it is wrong even if it was for a strong reason. They can come up with many different reasons and excuses but surely there can never be a good enough reason that will cost the life of your child's life.

It is scientifically proven that babies start recognising thing's very early and their brain starts functioning at the same time. So, once the procedure for abortion is carried out and completed, there is no going back. Although some people tend to regret it later on in life when they realize it was a terrible idea to consider in the first place. If it is not acceptable to take the life of a 6-year old or a 50-year old then why is quite acceptable to take the life of a human who isn't even in this world yet? The point is, that is shouldn't be right. Taking a life, no matter what the age is, it is morally wrong. If you are mature enough to have sex then you should be able to do it properly if your not wanting to become pregnant, you should use protection but if you chose not to then you should be mature enough to handle and live with the consequences of their actions.

According to me I would never consider getting an abortion under any circumstances, It would be the last thing I would do. In my own opinion abortion is a very wrong decision to make in every possible way and form. I think that even if the child is formed during cases like rape even then the child should not be aborted, it could be put up for adoption when it's born but I specifically don't think it should be aborted. But everyone has their own opinion. It is never right for anyone to take away another individuals life, especially their own child's. No matter what mistake you make, taking an unborn is very bad, if an individual was thinking to abort someones life they should have considered about being more careful beforehand. Aborting an unborn can be very upsetting and emotional due to different life experiences, as some people might not be able to get pregnant or it may be difficult for them to get pregnant.

Overall, I would never consider to abort my child nor would I advice anyone to do so or even support anyone making the decision to have an abortion. According to me women shouldn't get themselves into situations where it would lead them to having an abortion, like having sexual intercourse especially without protection. If you make a decision to have sexual intercourse without protection and that led you to being pregnant then that is your very own fault and responsibility, whatever the consequences. Abortion is very wrong and I think that no woman should ever take that step in life, no matter what the situation may be.

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