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Arguments Against Banning Of Boxing

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In this persuasive article, I will be writing on why boxing should not be banned. There are many reasons however, I will focus on three main reasons. I hope that you take these ideas into consideration, as boxing is a sport that people love. People love to watch boxing and others like to play the sport. As it is a way to get stronger, to connect with others, and a hobby. Audiences are able to watch their favourite sport with their friends and family and can place bets. So it is an ideal situation, the boxers love playing, and the audience loves watching. So why take that away from hundreds of athletes and millions of people watching this amazing sport. That brings us to how boxers provide for their families. Boxers provide for their families with their winnings and can donate to charities. If a boxer has many many wins and earns money they can purchase things for themselves or their families. So this makes them more dedicated and strives to do their best. If boxing was banned then it would likely be hard for these athletes to make a living and to provide for their families.

My third reason is that boxing can improve your mental and physical state. This is because boxing forces one to make quick judgments, for example when to strike at your opponent, or when to be on the defence. The athletes are able to become more athletic due to fights and have improved mental skills due to the quick nature of this sport. Another reason is that boxing relieves stress. People like to take out their stress or anger by hitting or punching or just causing destruction. But with boxing, they can take it out on the punching bag. Moderate or higher exercise increases something in your brain called endorphins, which make you feel good. These endorphins also relieve stress and you usually like having this feeling which causes you to play more and more and you forget about stress. Boxing is a sport that is optimal not only for athletic, competitive, or people who want to lose weight but is also helpful for people who want to relieve stress.

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Boxing is not just for people who want to provide for themselves and family members, stressful people, individuals who would like to strengthen their mental and physical wellness, but also for men and women who want to work on their body composition. Body composition is vital for being a healthy human being as it means you gain lean body muscle and lose or gain usable body fat. This sport helps because you can exercise a lot to improve your muscle while losing weight at the same time. You’ll get stronger from all that kicking and punching while your cardiovascular exercise also comes in when running around and quick movements. In the end, you can see that boxing has many health benefits. From losing weight to decreased stress, this is a sport worth watching, playing and keeping. Thanks for reading my article and have a nice day, with a new opinion on boxing.


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