Arguments for and Against Animal Testing


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Animal testing is a hugely controversial issue in today’s society. As more people become more aware of this, more individuals become responsive to the brutal care these animals are receiving and several have fought against it. Animal testing has its pros and cons which make it difficult to decide whether it should be continued or ended.

The use of animals in specific experiments has greatly affected medical analysis. As a result of animal testing, scientists have discovered different cures for various forms of diseases or health issues. For example, polio, a disease during which individuals become paralyzed, had become deadly, taking the lives of thousands of individuals during the 1950s. By the 1960s, with the assistance of animal testing, a vaccine was created that just about eliminated the disease itself (Benefits of Animal Research). What used to be affecting the lives of many individuals could now be solved. People who once were incapable of their own dominance for their body as a result of polio were helped and it prevented it from spreading. This was attainable because some animals are similar to humans, like a mouse. “We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body (Forty Reasons Why We Need Animals in Research)”. As a result of our similarities, new ways to treat problems are projected and tested out. The use of those animals gives the sight of potential issues that can be transferred onto customers, which make sure of the safety for cosmetic or health merchandise. Animal testing has helped advance analysis and build new solutions.

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Although testing with animals has had many advantages, there are several reasons why it ought to be put to an end. There are many alternatives to replace the abuse of animals within the labs. Nowadays in our society, we are very technologically advanced, for example, in vitro. This allows testing human cells and tissues, which take less time and cash than testing on animals (Alternatives to Animal Testing). With this technique, we can test products while not abusing animals in the process. Although it is argued that some animals share similarities with humans, they still have many differences, like differences in anatomy, which makes the results inaccurate. Another example would be how “penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs, aspirin is poisonous to cats, and the recalled diet drug phen-fen caused no heart damage in animals, while it did in humans (Limitations and Dangers).” The tests could be ineffective as well as harmful. Many view the usage of animals to test products as unnecessary and violent,

With all this being said, and putting both sides into perspective, I believe using animals and abusing them to test out the product for ourselves is selfish and inhumane. I do not agree with animal testing. I understand there have been benefits and cures that come out of it, but now in our modern-day, there are different ways to test products out. There is no reason to be abusing animals for our own benefit. Animals are capable of feeling both emotionally and physically, so they experience pain just as we do. Personally, I do not see the reason for continuing to use animals when we have discovered different and new ways to test out all different sorts of products, just because they are animals and can not express themselves verbally, does not make it right for us to treat them as if they are nothing with no feelings.

Animal Testing is a huge nationwide debate that has been argued over for several years.

Although it has brought various advantages to the advancement of medical and business issues, it is also abuse and can be inaccurate. Several different corporations use animal testing for their merchandise when there are different and safer ways that don’t involve brutal environments for animals and that is disgusting.  

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