Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger - an Austrian-american Actor and Bodybuilder

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Anna and Peter lived in a small European village called Thal in Austria. It was hard times for them. Their country was occupied by the three big forces. The Russians, the Americans and the British. The family had no flushing toilet. They also didn’t have a refrigerator or a television. Instead, they had food rations and British tanks standing outside their home.

Anna was a housewife. But, Peter was a gifted musician. He could play on not just one but six different instruments. He was especially good with the flugelhorn. Anna and Peter had two sons. Arnie and Malcolm. As you will come to know, the two sons were very different from each other. In fact, the parents had a favourite. That was Malcolm. Both parents tried to find perfection in their two sons. Anna had the belief that since both sons were of same age they should also have the same height. She eventually had to be disappointed.

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The father, Peter, has his own idea of perfection for his two sons. That involved mainly two things: disciplined and obedient. He wanted the boys to athletics; learn to appreciate classic music and museums, and to do a heavy work-load in school as well at home. Peter himself was far from perfect. He had a very bad temper. But it was only Arnie who faced his dad’s bad temper. As I mentioned, Malcolm was their favourite son. He was much closer to perfection than Arnie. It’s not hard to understand why.

Malcolm was born one year before Arnie. He was healthy and very strong. Arnie, on the other hand, was not as strong as healthy as his older brother. Arnie would often become sick. The father would therefore sometimes send him to stay with his uncle. But, when Arnie was at home, Peter liked to set the two boys up for competition towards each other. He would then say: “Let’s see who’s best”. Both kids would fight for the perfection title. Even at their school they would bully other kids to show how strong and better they are. Arnie would always lose.

In secret, Arnie dreamt of being a superhuman. He was tired of always living in the shadow of his older brother. He wanted to be big and strong too. He wanted to be a muscleman. Sometimes, Arnie would sneak into the theatres and observe his favourite superheroes: Hercules, Hulk, Tarzan and his most favourite Reg Park. Arnie wanted to be Reg Park. Arnie figured there was only one way to become his superhero. He had to go to gym every day. So Arnie did that. He would lift weight and every time he did that he would feel super strong. He could see how he grew stronger day by day. He couldn’t wait till the day he would be so strong that girls would be impressed by him. When Arnie wouldn’t go to the gym he would work as a carpenter. Even here he would do all the heavy-lifting work so he could strengthen his body even more.

Arnie’s mother was worried about his obsession with the gym so she wouldn’t allow him to go. But Arnie had ways so his mother wouldn’t know. He put together a gym in his own basement. It was good for Arnie. It kept him busy and he wouldn’t have time to bully other kids anymore. Arnie’s hard work was paying off. Just a few years later, Arnie had gained 25 pounds of muscle from his workout. He started competing for the Mr. Austria title and when he was 16 years old he won Junior Mr. Austria. Arnie knew that his next stop had to be the United States. He wanted to know why American bodybuilders were so much better.

Moving to Austria wasn’t easy for Arnie. First, he received a call of his brother’s death that died in a car accident. Next year, he received a call about his father’s death. But Arnie whom everyone described as “larger than life” was not stopping at any challenge. He continued in his chase to become a superman. And soon he was even better than his own idol. Once, a film company was making a movie called Hercules Goes Bananas. It was going to be filmed in New York. The company needed a bodybuilder to play Hercules. Someone said that Arnie with his muscles would be perfect for the job. Soon, Arnie was seen in all sorts of movies.

Arnold Alois Schwarznegger is won 5 Mr. Universe titles and 7 Mr. Olympia titles. He is an Austrian-American actor and bodybuilder. He began weight training when he was 15. He gained worldwide for his for winning best bodybuilding competitions but also for his acting and physical appearance in Hollywood-movies.

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