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Study Analysis on How Living Based on a System Fails Us as Humans

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The main idea of this article is how living based on system failed us as human. In this article, the author discusses how the system has failed us and what we can and must do to fix the problem. The focus of this article is not so much of the failure we face but more so it about the solution to our problem. This article was published by the New York Penguin press in 2018. 2 & 3. There are a copious of concept or theory I learned in class regarding the content of the article, however, there is three concept or theory I will be discussing. The first concept or theory is cognitive dissonance.

Stephen P Robbins in his theory describes cognitive dissonance as any incompatibility, or inconsistency, an individual might perceive between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes. Another concept I mastered in class is the theory of being reactance. Stephen P Robbins the author of Essential of organization behavior describe reactance is an emotional reaction to pressure and from this article, the author has shown his action of being resistance. Lastly is being constancy and consistency Clearfield and Tilcsik author of the Meltdown of why our systems fail and what can we do about it show great example and model of consistency. In the article Meltdown: why our systems fail and what can we do about it, the author explained despite the obstacle the face by the system he did not let that to discontinue his goal nor did he let it interrupted his motive.

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The authors of the article Meltdown: Why our systems fail and what can we do about it, does not appeared to be biased in her perspective. There is a plethora of the reason why I believe that the authors were not biased. The human nature is very opinionated it is nearly impossible for us human not to be biased or state our belief. In this article, the author presented herself as neutral because she was more concerned on how to fix the issued but also look at the pros and cons. In her writing, I was easily able to identify the check and balance of the situation before presenting a solution.

There are many reasons why I agree with the authors perspective in this article. First, she identified the problem at the very beginning in the article. For example, she stated the problem with Wall street unintentionally traded billions in stock deals in which they lost due to a software glitch. Chris Clearfield and Andras Tilcsik analyze the check and balance and explained the possible reason from both sides before analyzing another option of what we can do about it as a society that affected by these types of decisions.


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