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As each individual is different, as so there is no common psychological therapy for everybody

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Psychological Disorder

In the recent years, it has been recorded that psychological disorders are increasingly affecting the society, therefore, calling for the need of psychological therapy. Scientist has developed a psychological approach that is the best measure for treatment to individuals facing such disorders. Its development is based on various assumptions made about human behavioral changes and functioning in their daily lives. This helps the medical therapist to determine the best treatment methods and ways to modify the dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It also focuses on the biological makeup, the brain and the body activities that play a role in the function system. Accordingly, the paper evaluates the appropriate therapeutic approach to use and therapy course session to undertake.

The assessment of best effective medical treatments towards depression is important to consider in order to determine which therapeutic approach to use. Based on the patients’ problems, it is important to plan and assign them to treatment that is likely to optimize gains and accomplishment of the solution. Various ways of identifying the course of treatment are identified with the help of a rational approach to implement during sessions. Different individuals’ variations in favor of diagnosing the specific interventions are selected to articulate the method of the treatment process. The factors diversify the tendency of theoretical models that adversely relates to each unique patient’s need and therapist dyad. Based on the treatment context, various policies are drawn for the interventions of the guiding principle that incorporate fit brand of treatment and the patient’s diagnosis.

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Behavioral and cognitive approaches are based on various psychological theories that develop as a result of an alteration on behavioral aspects that are influenced by the way of thinking and environment. Cognitive behavioral therapy is grounded on the concept that feelings, actions, thoughts and physical sensation are correlated, therefore, can easily influence ones vicious cycle. Unlike other treatments, this kind of therapy is effective as it focuses on the present issue rather than the previous one. It necessitates the efficiency and practical ways that need to be implemented on daily basis to improve the state of health. Accordingly, it is used to treat the obsessive compulsive disorder, depression disorders, sleeping difficulties such as insomnia and other health-related issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

In case of depression condition, it is recommendable that the patient attends a number of sessions with the therapist which are usually scheduled a period of 1-2 weeks. In this regard, each session should take at least 30-60 minutes of a course treatment of twenty sessions at most. During the session, the therapist is supposed to examine the problems that the patient is facing in order to identify the various issues into smaller categories, such as, actions, thoughts, and physical feelings. The major areas that affect the behavior and body functioning need to be analyzed to enable the therapist to detect the alternative solution to develop the treatment. In the course of therapy, a positive response is expected in terms of feeling, thinking, and physical sensation.

People prone to different psychological disorders need to make an appointment with a psychological therapist for treatment. An appropriate therapeutic approach is used to identify the most effective treatment method and the number of therapy session to be taken. In the case of cognitive behavioral therapy concept, the correlation between mental health and physical sensation, actions and thoughts, is said to influence the vicious cycle. After diagnosis, therapist sessions are advocated for with a scheduled time frame, analysis of the treatment method to enhance recovery.


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