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As You Like It shows many different ways about love and jealousy. The main thing about love shows the love of Rosalind and Orlando, and other characters in the play are either in or out of love. This shows the people in the play the opportunity to show their love or lose it. They show their different views about the different types of love shown not only by the characters, but also in life. They also show how they don’t care for each other like they should because most of the people in these stories are close family, and shouldnt be acting certain ways toward each other.

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In the beginning of the play they tell us about two brothers and there love and how it wasn’t the ideal relationship between sibbilings. Oliver is shown as the bad person, because he does not seem like he loves his brother Orlando. Oliver treats his brother wrong in many different way in the play they tell us that he treats the animals better than he treats his own brother. If that’s not enough for you oliver also hits Orlando, and even tryes to set Orlando up by trying to turning Charles against him. you would think to be a good older brother that you would take care of your younger siblings and to love them and to show them the correct ways of doing things in life, but apparently not I think Orlando finally stood up for himself when he set up oliver to be killed because he knows that oliver is so thick headed that he would not turn down a fight and with that would turn into his own death. Which is a good way to turn someone one on there self. Just like using what you feel like is your strongest suit into your weakest little that he would know.

This is to let you know that younger brothers can be just as mean as older brothers I think that they let us kow this with the dukes. Duke Frederick tries to get ride of his older brother by banishing him to the wood and making him leave his dauther behind so that she could be safe. The duke only did this because of jealously the duke was jealousle of his brother which lead him to banishment, and so that duke Frederick could take over. I feel like there was an act of love in this part of the play because celia never left rosalind side even though celia can be shown as insentive sometimes in the play. As soon as her father gets banished she says “if my uncle, thy banished father, had banished thy uncle ,the duke my father,so tho hadst been st….”.what she is bascally saying that if rosaind father had banished celias father then she would just move on and treat rosainds father as her own. Celia in much a way acts like rosiand sister even though that is her cousin they have became very close.

Celia was always there for rosaind, but maybe her words weren’t always put in the best way. she also tells her “you know my father hath no child but one nor none is like to have and truly when he dies thou shalt be his heir for what he hath taken away from thy father…”in this parth of the play she is telling her that she need to be happy, because what every her father has taken from her and her dad she will give it back to her when her father dies. she is the next in line to the thrown.This is showing love to her cousin because she didn’t have to do any of that she is doing that out the kindness of her heart.

The duke celia soon starts to think that because he banished rosalinds father that now sheis untrustworthy so soon after he tries to banise her to but his dauther celia tell Rosalind that if he banishes her that she will go with her, and that’s what hapends but in able forthem to gointo the wood they cant be dressed with there good clothes or they will run into a bunch or robbers or thefts so in order to avorid that they dress up as poor people and since celie feels as thought she is very tall to be a girl she dresses as a poor male as they go into the woods. Another type of love in the play is that of a ruler for his people.In Elizabethan sensibility, it is the duty of a monarch to act as a loving parent to her/his country. Duke Senior, when he was in power, loved his country well and was much loved in return. This is the reason why several lords come flocking to him in the Forest of Arden.He has acted as a good ruler and is eventually rewarded at the end of the play. Duke Frederick, by contrast, abuses his power and becomes a tyrant. Unlike Duke Senior, who has followers who will give up their comforts in the city to come live with him in the country, Duke Frederick can only motivate his subjects by threatening death and seizing property. This shows me that because he cant even love his brother how will he learn how to love is people and the city he rules.

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