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Asian And Indian Culture

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The Asian Indian culture consist of numerous religious cultures within itself. Hinduism is the main source for many of India’s cultural elements because eighty-four percent of Asian Indians practice it. Hindus believe in one god but worship their god in different form as gods and goddesses. This religion uses mediation and certain practices to encourage self-discipline, unity, and abstinence from any form of indulgence. Those who practice Hinduism believe in reincarnation after death. This is the belief one’s soul is reborn. What the soul is reincarnated into depends on if one’s good deeds in their past life out way the sins they committed. Those who were malevolent in their life are believed to be reincarnated into animals.

When death is close the father, husband, or other responsible person close to the person decide when to tell the loved one that they are going to die soon. After death, touching of the body should be minimized to only the family. When Hindus pass away their body is washed by same sex family members, wrapped in red, and then prepared to be cremated. Cremation takes place on a pile of logs and the ashes are saved for scattering in the Ganges River in India. However, this is primarily only done by the rich; the poor usually bury their dead. Hindus are forbidden to donate their organs or have autopsies.

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Many Hindus are vegetarian because of their belief in respecting animals. Some however only do not consume cows’ meat because the cow is a sacred animal. Islam and Christianity are also major religions in India. Muslims refrain from eating pork aside from Christians who can eat all kind of animal meat. Christians only fast on Fridays during Lent. They refrain from eating meat except for fish. Similarities between these diseases include believing in the same God and burial after death. Communication style errors may become prevalent when caring for an Asian Indian. One example of this is waving the hand to say “hello”. This to an Asian Indian means “go away”. Standing too close to others should also be avoided; it is best to stand within an arm’s length from them to ensure that they are comfortable.

The right hand should be used to give and receive anything because it is considered “clean”. Feet are considered unclean and should avoid being touched. It is important to immediately apologize if they are accidentally touched. Another important element of their culture to take in consideration is that Indians consider their ears sacred and they should avoid being pulled on. Shoes are worn inside the home and it is important that socks be clean when you take your shoes off. Marriages may be arranged but they are forced; the potential bride may reject the potential groom. The parents of the potential bride pick out suitors for their daughter to choose from. All Asian Indian typically eat the same foods besides dietary restrictions of specific religions.

The grains Asian Indians eat include maize, millet, barley, and wheat. Rice is their primary grain that they eat because of its availability. They also eat numerous types of lentils, seeds, and peas. Indians use a wide variety of spices to flavor their dishes. Spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, garlic, mustard seed, chili pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and coriander are some of the most common spices used by Asian Indians. Asian Indians commonly eat using two fingers on their right hand with a piece of bread to scoop the food on to. Sometimes they will use utensils to eat depending on what they are eating.


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