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Everyone wants to excel in his/her life and to acquire the best, and to achieve something in life, one has to undertake few things that are, in my opinion, necessary for success. These are:

  1. Setting a goal: The foremost thing one has to do is to set a goal in life. In my opinion, we should set goals in accordance to our abilities and capacities. For example, You can’t set a goal of becoming a footballer if your knee has incurable problem. Yes, I do agree that we should set high goals and dream big but we also have to ascertain our abilities and set goals that are, in reality, achievable.
  2. Strategy: First we set a goal and then for its execution we set a strategy or a plan. Our approach to a goal must be scrupulous. We should make a decent plan and select the best possible way to achieve our goals because without a plan, even the best ones are unable to reach the target. In sports, we have seen that a brilliant team without proper managerial tactics often loses to an average team with good tactics. The same happens in every aspect of real life so we have to make a smart strategy
  3. Determination: After making a plan, we should be determined towards it. Motivation is the key. It makes you move mountains and break rocks and helps you in chasing your dreams. Determination means firmness of a purpose. It is a positive feeling which helps us to reach a target and eliminates hindrances which come in our path.
  4. Diligence: Diligence means careful and persistent efforts, or, we can say it means hard work. In a world full of competitors, we should work hard to be peerless. Hard work is key to success. You can’t depend always on luck and you’ll get nothing for granted, so work hard to accomplish your goal because without diligence it is impractical to achieve something.
  5. Time management: Time management is a tool one must have to perform well in his life. Knowing when to do what makes your life easy and calm. Time management makes you cope up with things instead of messing up. Everyone doesn’t has the ability to manage time but those who have it are more efficient in their respective fields.
  6. A backup plan: So the last one is that we must have a backup plan. There are certain obstacles that impede our path. So, if somehow we fail in achieving our path so we will have a backup plan to execute. A good professional always has a plan B because no one is always right. We could fail sometimes but it is a quality of a good professional that he manages the adversity smoothly.

So these things pave one’s path towards achieving something. Consider that you want an admission in a University. Firstly, you will decide which University you want to apply for, that is setting a goal. Secondly, you will decide that how will you prepare for the admission or aptitude test of the University which means planning. Moreover, you have to work hard for the preparation of test and you should be determined towards it. You have to give proper time to studies and time management helps you in doing that and at last you must have a backup plan for any misfortune. So when you want to achieve a goal. Keep these things in your mind and that will surely help you.

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