Assessment of My Communication in Team


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Communicating Supportively

This survey included 3 different facets to determine provide final score as to where I stand in communicating supportively. The three different facets were, knowledge of coaching and counseling, providing effective negative feedback, and communicating supportively. The scores for knowledge of coaching and counseling are determined as low, normal and high. I scored 15 on knowledge of coaching and counseling.

My score falls in the normal range in understanding how to use knowledge of coaching and counseling. I think this is because of my ability to be completely honest and direct when giving negative feedback. I tend to try to sugar coat things negative feedback in the workplace because many times I don’t know a person’s ability to bounce back from constructive criticism. I have found in my work experience that although accurate constructive criticism can only help you, many people feel that you are just calling them out. The ability to link negative feedback to a standard that has been violated is also another weak point for me. I have a bad habit of downplaying violations in hopes of not getting people anxiety and making them nervous.

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Team development Behaviors

My team development score is average sitting and 99. I feel that I work as an effective team member by having an open mind set and perform multiple roles to ensure the success of a project. Although my score is considered average it is still on the low end of team development behaviors. I feel weakness that sometimes arises while working in a team is the ability to communicate effectively among team members.

Communication Styles

My results on communication styles is very fascinating. This lab assessed me with a high deflecting and probing score. I feel that probing to find a solution is important so that all the details are on the table before I can decide on the next steps. I’m assuming that my deflection score was very high because my perception of the questions that were asked seemed very negative. For example, if I have a problem with my boss then I would approach them and let them know what is going on. Many times, an issue snowballs into something bigger than it really is if it is left unsolved. This can create animosity in the workplace and make everyone uncomfortable.

Core Five Personality Dimensions

My core five personality dimension assessment seems to fit me well. I scored the highest on agreeableness. When it comes to work or school I look to understand the expectations and strive to meet them. I don’t like to make enemy’s, I make sure that I understand where everyone stands and continue to be conscious of what and how I approach issues at hand.

Psychological Personality Types/Preferences

For this module I scored EFOD- systematic supervisor. I currently work as an Account Executive which is line for what this lab assessed me to be. I appreciate structure, stability and standards which is allow me to do my work effectively. I’m become very dedicated when I take on opportunities and determined to win against my competitors. Team Competency My highest scores for this assessment were collaborative problem solving and planning and test coordination. This is what I seem to be doing at work every day. I am working in teams to problem solve then plan and coordinate and when would be the best time to install my product without inducing unplanned downtime for my customer.

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