Assessing of My Experience of Completing the Group Project


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Group works are predominant especially in design industry. I have always loved group assignments because i am able to recognize each individual strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, I believe that a team can assemble a more comprehensive piece of work. With every challenges that we encounter, we certainly faced it together as a group. Throughout this group assignments, i learnt significant lessons which i will definitely implement in my future obstacles.

At first, i convinced myself that maybe the final group assignments would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, things get out of hand and did not turn out how i expected it to be. It is very triggering when one keeps on procrastinating and does not take responsibility in their work. I was seriously stressed out at that point of time. I quickly realized that i was so caught up worrying about what others are doing or not doing, had me drifted away from the main focus. Well, we all know that in order to perform effectively, teamwork requires trust and relationship too. Therefore, we set group meetings and desired goals so that one may get the given assignments finished on time.

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It is absolutely essential for each individual to participate in the group assignments because if one does not contributes, it affects the overall marking of the team. As a group, we will never failed to have disagreements. However, disagreements within groups doesn’t necessarily being a negative factor whereas it provides valuable option to evolve better teamwork skills as well as end products of the project. We handled the issues by listening to each other alternative ideas and perspectives. Besides, i learnt that it is very important in making sure everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal where everyone understands the aim and extent of the project which we all agreed on. I struggle with time management the most in this project. I tried overcoming the difficulties by being patient and attempt to communicate with group mates efficiently, focusing on the process rather than the final outcome.

On the other hand, i find it crucial to have a chairperson to keep things on track by monitoring progress in relation to the intended plan. In addition, having a chairperson, he/she will know when any of the team member needs help and will constantly keep the group motivated. Surprisingly, someone volunteered to be a leader, but he/she does not know how to managed the team which causes conflict in the group. My group mates were unhappy on how he/she handled the team and we had limited time left therefore we decide to appoint another leader which is more experienced. After the conflicts cease, things fall back into place. Besides that, working in groups develops attributes such as organizational skills, decision-making and problem solving skills as well. This will emphasize the importance of learning to work collaboratively in the future endeavor.

To conclude my experience of completing the group project, I personally feel that we should never ignore and avoid respective accountability to think independently in group assignments. Such that individuals opinions can be shared so that everyone in the team has a chance to speak about their ideas.

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