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Assessment of the Suitable Medication for Drug Abuse and Depression Patients

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Individuals who graduate from a residential treatment facility are not yet fully recovered and thus there is significant need under which it will be possible for them to have a higher level focus under which their issues can be effectively dealt with and prevent relapse. The objective after graduating from a residential treatment facility is to ensure that there is no relapse. The new home for the dual diagnosed will focus on developing an after care treatment plan which will focus on ensuring that clients are able to achieve their personal goals. The dual diagnosis that will form the basis of the new home facility will be clients who are recovering from substance abuse and depression. This paper will focus on the treatment needs of clients who are recovering from substance abuse and depression. The treatment needs are personal goals of the clients, which the new home facility will ensure that they are achieved in order to avoid relapse.

Meeting the needs of clients

A key aspect to understand about the new home is that its services will be client centered. It will be possible to have an understanding under which it is possible to improve the situation of each client who will be admitted at the facility. A high-level focus puts into consideration greater focus and understanding under which successful service delivery can be attained. Ensuring that the facility is based on client-centered approach will provide a suitable environment where it will be very easy for them to outline their personal goals, which will provide a clear direction under which a given client should be engaged. Meeting the needs for client in this case include understanding them clearly and putting into focus their demands (Bowen, 2014).

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Another approach that will be considered will be to integrate the previous treatment intervention that was put in place in their previous stage. This will ensure that they operate in familiar grounds under which it will be possible for them to understand their development process. In some cases, individuals who graduate from residential treatment facility without a well engaged after care plan tend to suffer relapse because they are unable to connect the new learned behavior and the existing societal development issues. It is very difficult to ensure that an individual who is a recovering addict remains on the right path without showing them how they can be independent and keep themselves busy. Creating an understanding on the previous risk behaviors, which led to the condition they are in currently, will be key in ensuring that there is a better development plan and successful reintegration into the society (McConnell, 2015).

Every client will have a specific service provider who will handle all issue related to the client. This will ensure that they are able to develop an understanding where their needs can be achieved since the service provider will be well engaged in ensuring that there is a better development process through interactive focus under which important decisions regarding an individual development process is concerned. This is a crucial process that the facility will integrate to ensure that the clients meet their needs.

The type of clients and dual diagnosis focus

The new home facility will specifically focus on alcohol addicts who have also been diagnosed with depression. This population will form the key area of focus within the facility considering the fact that service providers who are employed in the facility have a high experience in dealing with these specific cases and thus they have a greater understanding on important treatment interventions that can be integrated to aid client recovery process. The new home facility will only target female adults. The basis of this focus is that women play a key role in the wellbeing of families (Mellentin, 2016). This means that women are more likely to improve the wellbeing of the society if they are effectively considered as key players in societal development through consideration of such programs.

Many facilities have been put in place targeting men forgetting that women require critical focus especially after graduating from residential treatment facility. Women are more likely to suffer a relapse compared to men and thus the overall focus under which this facility is developed is to improve the overall operational environment under which better decisions can be made to improve societal wellbeing (Kubiak, 2015).


After care plan is a key process that needs to be well outlined and ensure that clients who graduate from a residential treatment are well engaged and prevent clients from suffering relapse. It is very clear that the aftercare plan that is developed is aimed at strengthening the previous behavioral changes that an individual have been taught and ensure that they stick and have an understanding on key factors that they need to avoid regarding the development of their previous condition. The new home for dual diagnosed clients will provide a better environment where clients will be able to have a high-level integration and development of crucial values that can ensure that they achieve their personal goals that is a key objective.


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