Assisted Suicide: Misconceptions and Controversies


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Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide is a practice that is performed that when an individual wants to end their lives. The individual is usually between the categories of feeling menace pain or they are paralyzed. The individual is usually between the ages of 45 and above who have conditions which removes their ability to live a normal life. The individual who go through the process are usually fulfilled in their time spending on earth. There are a lot of controversy and misconceptions that go through assisted suicide and why people don’t like the idea. States are going to be voting to legalize assisted Suicide or to outlaw it.

Assisted suicide is for individuals that feel like they fulfilled their purpose in life and to continue living is to live with pain. The person wants to leave life with someone next to them, it could be a relative, spouse, and physician. I see it as justified because people have a right to control different aspects of their lives. Other people can tell you to think it over which is justified, Even most people would say putting down an animal is justified. But once we move into the territory of humans, people start to expect different results because we are humans. Animals are put down for a good reason, why can’t humans do so from the consent of themselves and the courts? It’s this view that humans are sacred and we should be left alone to live and not die.

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The counter argument to my argument would go along the ways of any type of killing is immoral and assisted suicide is suicide. My counter to the argument would state that these two types of killing are different. It’s because the mainstream idea of killing is wrong because you are taking the life of another person without their permission. While assisted suicide is performed with a trained medical professional and a close friend or group of people. That being said, when a person performs assisted suicide, they have their own consent and their doctors consent. The difference between assisted suicide and suicide is that suicide is a mistaking lasting forever for a temporary fix.

The people who tried and failed in killing themselves soon regret it. This assisted suicide program will not let anyone kill themselves. It will only allow those who have a serious medical condition and it’s near impossible to live with due to the pain or lack of control. The way a person is removed of life comes from a type of poison that is ingested. The poison has a smoky taste, but it won’t hurt the individual. The persons heart rate and breathy will soften until they pass out and die. Then a medical strainer will come a take the body away to be used as the owner is requesting what his body is to be used with.

There are states right now that are in the process of legalizing assisted suicide, which include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Death can be a terrible thing, death is even the worst thing that can happen to a person. But, death can also be beautiful, if a person has made peace with everything around him and is ready to leave, then it shows a person who was able to navigate through this chaotic place and be able to find peace. It’s true that people’s opinion can’t be change even if every facts contradicts their opinion. The only thing you can do with these individuals is to accept that and move on. The most likely way they will change their opinion is if their loved goes have to go through this traumatic experience. Then the likely hood of their opinions change will be greater than it ever was.

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