Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington are the only places in the united states where assisted, that is only 14 percent of the country. Even though there are many important reason to, legalize it that are overlooked by the 43 other states. Some people with problems or illnesses which are really bad and or lead to eminent death might want to just end painlessly rather than slow and painfully. Maybe some want to have a prideful death where they look healthy instead of sickly so they can spend their last moment with their family.

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There is also the fact that one can pick when they die to have yourself not be seen in your weakest moments. Assisted suicide could help so many people with illnesses that lead to a painful death if it was legal. One painful illness is cancer which has many different branches most of which lead to painful unavoidable death. Cancer is the killer of around 564,000 people each year in America alone, that’s 564,000 people dying from one painful illness out of million. Those people that die suffering in pain could be people that died piece and of their own volition. Illnesses are not the only thing that this would be used for, for example most victims of paralyzation would rather die than live on due to the fact that they can't do or enjoy anything.

Another reason to legalize assisted suicide is to have a happy death with your last moments being around your family. Most people that die of illnesses or diseases die in a hospital bed unfamiliar to them as their family sits around worrying. However if assisted suicide was legal they could pass away in a familiar place after seeing smiles on his family's faces. If the ill person wanted to they could even not tell their friends and family they are going to die. This would completely keep them from worrying about the person.

Most illness result in a major change in physical appearance usually making them look weak in their last moments. A lot of people would rather appear normal and or healthy in the last moments. This is for both their family and for themselves, their family would feel worse if they saw them sickly. As for them they would rather feel healthy and look healthy, seeing how it would be a very sad death. Also it would keep your body pristine for an open casket at your funeral.86 percent of America still has not legalize it, even though there are many important and factual reasons to do it.

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