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Asus Novago Tp370ql

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ASUS NovaGo TP370QL is a RedDot 2018 winner and deserves every bit of it because of its exceptional excellence in make, function and deliverability. It is the first Windows on Snapdragon laptop and has every advanced feature wrapped in single offering.

Processor and Graphics

This exceptionally high quality laptop is empowered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform processor that makes this device a performance giant. The first laptop with Windows on Snapdragon feature that it is embellished with, it switches off and boots up in single click. It remains connected non-stop with all up-to-date features and also exhibits enhanced LTE productivity. Thus, this laptop is always available for the users and never lets them down. The endless hours of working even in internet enabled environment does not slow it down and keeps it charged to take more work effortlessly. Adreno 540 with 710MHz frequency graphics card offers exceptional crispness and seamless in graphics output. The user can make clear difference between the eye-catchy and crystal clear pictures, animated videos and other visual stuff that this device and other counterparts offer.

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Memory and Storage

ASUS NovaGo TP370QL laptop can be chosen in different configurations. It is available in Memory capacities of 4GB, 6GB and 8GB RAMs run on LPDDR4x technology. The storage can be expanded to additional capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB space strengthened with UFS 2.0 intelligence. Thus, fastness in working and exceptional performance in terms of multitasking is the most enjoyable experiences waiting for the user investing his trust on this device. It certainly is a beast and delivers terrific performance wherever user employs it.

Ports and Wireless connectivity

This ASUS laptop defines relentless connectivity and multitasking support with 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and 1 x HDMI ports allowing user to enrich the working environment as desired. The uniqueness of this laptop lies in 1 x Combo Nano SIM that allows user to have cellphone like connectivity and mobility. There is additional storage option provided in the form of 1 x MicroSD card reader slot that supports up to 256GB space for more items to be stored. Enjoy seamless conversations and flawless music with 1 x Audio jack cum headphone/mic-in using which you stay connected with the loved ones, get into the entertainment mode without making any change in the laptop’s environment. There is 1 x DC in slot also provided to house SIM card allowing user to extract phone utility off this device.

Stay wireless, stay connected endless – this is what the features of this device scream at the highest note. The WiFi standard 802.11/a/b/g/n, 802.11ac (2×2 MIMO) bring internet the fastest and makes downloading a cool breeze experience. The Bluetooth 4.1 feature is fully supportive of getting data and relevant content from all relevant devices and helps connect the device with experience enhancing supports like Bluetooth speaker, etc. This laptop is fastest machine in terms of data delivery owing to its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X16 modem that offers Gigabit LTE connectivity at speed about seven times higher than the Broadband. Presence of 4 antennas ensures connectivity in all directions offering ultimate mobility and portability to this device.


The display runs edge to edge occupying 78% of the body while snuggling smoothly into 8.9mm thin bezel. It measures 13.3”, is LED-backlit and Full HD (1920 x 1080p) type with touchscreen feature. Thus, you get to navigate through the content on the display with added speed as well as exceptional accuracy. The 100% sRGB colors offer a gamut of bright colors that makes every picture appear exceptionally beautiful. Perfect for gaming environments with bright colors, this laptop is a true delight for animation lovers. The bonus comes in the form of 178° wide view feature that enables easy sharing and teamwork.

Operating System

This device is a multitasking pro getting all its user-friendliness from Windows 10 operating systems designed solely for the purpose of making work easier to delegate, faster to do and satisfying in every sense. The supported features of Windows Ink, Cortana, and Window Hello enable better control of the user and allow him to get more work done as swiftly as possible. The Modern Standby feature saves immensely the battery power too.


Its lightweight brings exceptional delight to the users making it a true arm candy wherever they go. The fanless design achieved by the experts has significantly contributed to the coolness quotient of this device (in style as well as in function) and made it a super light device with the robustness of a beast. Thin and stylish gets true meaning in this offering from ASUS and it gels perfectly well with your cool personality by flaunting its exuberant silver color. Only 14.9mm thin and weighing 1.39 Kgs, this device is comfort and convenience at their best.


All the power-efficient features that this laptop is studded with impart it an exceptionally long battery life. This laptop is perhaps the only laptop that can pull off steadiness in the speed and swiftness in functions even after having run for 22 hours without any recharging, when used after full charge. So, work from anywhere and for all hours of the day enjoying the support of 52Wh lithium-polymer battery that charges the fastest and longs the last.


Keyboard is non-backlit offering it an exceptional professional appeal. It is full size and has key travel of 1.4mm offering the smoothest working experience to the user. The touchpad is another highlight of the keypad portion that comes with intelligent features like palm-rejection, four-finger smart gestures and fingerprint sensor that together deliver an error-free work environment secured to the user satisfaction too.


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