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My Experience of Studying at University

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As I study here at Ateneo De Naga University (ADNU) technically, I know that they have their own culture, beliefs, core values, mission, vision, regarding of the school that proclaims their dignity and image that will be their faces on any passion of their personality. As I read the mission, vision, and core values of ADNU I found that the most significant thing about this university was it has an instance of sending students on different organizations that will improve their personalities as a human being. It is also said that as a university they seeks for essential completeness of human who will give a new ideas or development to their lives.

As a student, it involves the entire world connected with the culture of human life and care for creation or doing activities and task development especially in our own region which is Bicol to keep safe and raise their culture thoroughly. It has also been signifies that their faith honored justice that ADNU brings inspiration and learning principles from the St. Ignatius of Loyola that by this means, it resort to influence students and members with their desire to strive for excellence in every ways of their life. Ateneans, signifies being “Man and Woman for others” who will find god in all things, that always seek for god’s greatest glory and response open-handed with brave and courage Christ’s call to serve God’s kingdom.

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It also signifies that according to the vision it simply means that ADNU is in the first to rank or first to the importance in all over the world that gather excellent instruction and formation. It is has a capacity to be proper or rightly clear decisive person to the matter in hand. They are also religiously excellent regarding of their catholic faith and inspired by their Ignatian spirituality. Ateneans implies their core values as being competence which means they have a sufficiency of means for the necessities and convenience of life. It is like they believe that “Money can only give happiness where there is nothing else to give it”.

Beyond Ateneans competence, it can afford contentment and gratifications. They have their Conscience for being conscious of the moral goodness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or to be good. Ateneans also defined as being compassionate for the commitment to change which means showing compassion or sympathy for sorrow of one who is suffering in a hardships and committed to the pledge of being a responsible and good ateneans to do better change in the future. Lastly, being Christ-Centered that is being recognized the rights, authority and status of being a humanity and divinity of Christ.


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