Atheism in the Islamic World


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In the Islamic World, the concept of Atheism is old as many important figures have believed in Atheism throughout the centuries. Nevertheless, the development of social media in our lives has taken over many young as well as old minds and they have been promoting such open beliefs by demeaning other notable religions especially Islam, although they were once followers of the religion that they are now criticizing. (Azzam, 2019)

The second largest religious group in Northern America and Europe are the religiously unaffiliated, called “nones,” which are emerging extensively. In the earlier days, US nones have left behind the Catholics, mainline protestants, and all supporters of non-Christian faiths. They make up quarter of the population in the United States. (BULLARD, 2016)

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Muslim Youth and the Rise of Atheism

If one of us was asked about the condition of our faith or eman, the existence of Allah and the certainty of the day of judgment and the hereafter, what will our reply be? Scholars often ask us to remember that our eman is not still or rigid, rather our eman is in the condition that it can change depending on various factors such as our obedience to Allah, doing good or bad deeds, fulfilling our obligation etc. Regardless of the actuality, our eman is in an endless motion and most of us very positively believe that our eman is very strong and we would die as Muslims but in the reality, everybody should remember that the status of being a Muslim doesn’t guarantee a way into Paradise.

Some of the Causes of Muslim Youth Falling into Atheism

Lack of Islamic Education or Parental Role Modeling in the Home

In this evolving World, many parents think they have to evolve with it, they think that if they teach their kids about Islam, they will be regarded as unmodern and backward but the reality is that children who were thought about their religion from the very start are very successful in their lives. Most children have strayed the path of Islam as it was not practiced in their homes even though they went to a weekend school to learn about Islam. Parents must themselves become the best role models after Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and should perform the religious obligations and follow Islam in every walk of their life, such as fathers should take their sons to the mosque from an early age and mothers should teach their daughters to wear hijab from a young age or she should wear it herself so that when her daughter grows up, she isn’t faced with the obstacle of covering herself. Parents should demonstrate the morals of Islam so as to endorse and reinforce what their children are learning about Islam. This allows them to adapt to Islam in the fastest way possible. While researching for my essay, I came across an article written by as Singaporean Muslim young girl, she says, “I’m a 20-year-old Atheist and former Muslim from Singapore. Like many other Muslims, I was raised while being taught Islamic values and attended Madrasah/Sunday school until I was 16. I didn’t wear hijab or pray daily but I claimed I was proud to be a Muslim.” This illustrates that she lived in a Muslim home where Islam was not practiced at home by parents.

Associating with a Bad Crowd of Friends

Parents must have full knowledge about their children’s whereabouts; they should keep an eye on their friends as friends are mostly the one who stand as negative influence for our kids. Few days back, I was listening to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan of the Bayinnah Institute on the Deen Show;,he spoke of his own teen days and his religious struggle that steered him to leaving Islam and becoming an Atheist. He recalls that it began with him acquainting with Atheist friends in high school which in the due course led him to a loss of religion and embracing Atheism. Tumbling into that crowd of Non-believers was the lowest point of his life, he says, “I had a hatred for the concept of God. It was by the Mercy of Allah that Allah opened many doors that led me back to Iman and to my Faith, and conviction.” And then he mentioned a hadith by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), “A good friend and a bad friend are like the perfume seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you will get a good smell from him; as for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes or you will get a bad smell from him” (Bukhari).

Negative Influence of Social Media

As the World is digitalizing day by day, it is important for parents to monitor their offspring’s social media account and the time they spend on the internet and what they have been searching about as social media has been playing a big role in corrupting the young minds, they often promote atheists. While researching for this assignment, I stumbled upon many articles titled as “Pakistani Youths Turning Into Atheists” , I opened them up and read about a Facebook group consisting of over 100 members that has been circulating for Pakistani Atheists and was initiated by a formed Pakistani Muslim – Hazrat NaKhuda. A thread was started on the discussion board of the group entitled “How did you become an atheist.” and Members of the group are from all over the World.

Emotional or Psychological Troubles

In this growing World of fitnah, many young Muslim are facing emotional issues to the extent that they start doubting themselves and as a result adopt Atheism. In that same lecture, Nouman Ali Khan affirms that atheism is one of the causes of emotional trauma. He says: “Atheism is a conscious decision. It does not occur naturally… It is not rooted in something intellectual—that’s the facade. It’s actually rooted in something psychological. These people are either traumatized or they had a really bad experience in life, or they’ve seen something that they were emotionally disturbed by—they decided to blame God for it, and as part of their reaction against God—you know, what is the biggest offense I can do—[to say] He doesn’t even exist.” (Abdi, 2015)

How to Address Atheism?

Atheism is a fundamental issue that has been corrupting many young as well as adult lives. It is growing like a virus and spreading everywhere very quickly. To prevent it, everybody in a society will have to play a role. Firstly, Governments should facilitate Sharia Scholars to educate everyone through radios and Friday Sermons to raise awareness of the harms that Atheism brings. Secondly, schools should keep lectures and plays that illustrate the dangers of such ideas, they should also sincerely provide good education to their students. Thirdly, families should understand the challenges faced by their children and should positively deal with this problem calmly through productive explanation and make their families closer with the aim that children do not promptly listen to strangers. Lastly, all of us should boycott all media sites that promote atheistic concepts and encourage media outlets that support Islamic values. (, 2019)


Allah says in the Quran in Surah Fussilat, ayah 53, “We (God) will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth.” This ayah clearly illustrates the existence of a God-Allah by His natural creation and through revelation, for who else would create all the skies and mountains? If atheists only pondered over this ayah, they would immediately leave their meaningless believes. Allah tells us to acknowledge Him through His signs and it is our responsibility to reflect upon them to strengthen our eman. Allah (SWT) has placed a natural tendency in every person to believe even before we were born as all of us are born as believers, but this distinctive predisposition to believe can either be nurtured or suppressed depends on how we are brought up.


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