Athens and Its Wide Culture Diversity

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Lifestyle in Athens seems better off to me than the troubling domicile housed in Sparta. Athens remains my pick for a place of habitude out of the duo because Athens definitely had more calm and tranquility than the violence in Sparta who raised child soldiers from a very tender age at an early age as early enough as seven (Brand, n.d., p. 4, para. 4). Athens was more compassionate to its citizens. The Athenian state was more refined. Her decrees, doctrines, and edicts were particularly admirable. Tutelage won for a vast majority of her populace as the academia obviously flourished with enviable originality within her confines.

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Not only did Athens institute a uniformity in government today known as democracy, but Athenians were also allowed to enjoin themselves in the making or in the vetoing of laws (‘Chaper 12: Classical Greece’, n.d., p. 2, para. 1). More so, democracy has endured even unto this day resulting from Athens looking at societies, nations, and governments around the world. Significantly enough too, the Athenian architecture characterized the state as an epitome of beauty owing to the splendor it connotes and regality it offers being used as a masterpiece around worldwide building patterns on the global scene even unto this day (‘Chaper 12: Classical Greece’, n.d., p. 4). These structures were situated on the hilly heights unlike the construction of Sparta which occurred in the deep valleys.

Athens also gave credence to education for its men in their youth. Therefore, I would definitely love to raise my sons in such an environment where education is treasured especially for the fact that its young adult males could clearly cover either an Arts or Sciences education in the area. Additionally that these youngsters could have decided whether to join the military or not is definitely a plus for both them and my children (sons) and totally goes well by my preferences for childraising myself. Likewise, because the woman from Athens was more womanly and homely, means that I can take her as a wife and she’d absolutely make a good mom to her children.

That said, that the women also had the privilege of education is a plus for my children meaning my children can also gain from their mom in terms of homework help in case I am busy far away at work from home. For me, these were graceful women and a hundred percent wife material. This shows that the serenity of calm and peace surrounded both the state and its women including the men. They weren’t violent, unlike their Spartan counterparts which means that Athens had love, class, wit, poise, emotion, and calm that I’d definitely choose to live with my family in to raise our kids anytime any day.

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