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“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” –Nelson Mandela A leader is a person who leads a group or a country by motivating and inspiring the others. In addition, he is always getting the large blame and the less credit for his works. If we look at the research, leaders don’t have any more positive attributes than other people. Effective leader does, in any case, create and hone certain social aptitudes that add to their prosperity.

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Relying on identity qualities as well as leaders should work to build up their associations with supporters, peers and different pioneers. An effective leader has indicated knowledge, decision-making ability, genuineness and respectability, duty, steadiness, activity, ingenuity, responsibility, understanding, development, reliability, positive thinking, excitement, desire, certainty, adaptability, vision, sympathy, earnestness, allure, and dependability. A leader always encourage the employees to do their best without taking any stress, helping them at any time either at night or a weekend, giving them the opportunity to complete the work in their own way.

As a result, they start to love their job which carries a company to the leading position. So, a leader is more important instead of an employer to the success of a company or a country. Traits of a Successful leader Inspire action is the first traits of a successful leader, which characterize is a move that makes when you feel motivated to do it. This sort of activity is quite often joined by a surge of vitality, and sentiments of fervor, eagerness and happiness. However, the vision ought to be reasonable and set an appropriate target and this must be particular, quantifiable, achievable, practical and opportune.

Moreover, it is also important for a leader to communicate with the company people and describe the possible outcome of the project as well as inspire for a new innovation. For instance, when SpaceX, fizzled their initial 3 dispatches. The pioneer of the organization Elon Musk accepted that an open door to learn and develop. Along these lines, he rouses the collaborators to advance out from the conventional mindset and put all the new thoughts in the fourth dispatch. “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”- Elon Musk.

Secondly, optimism is another peculiarity of a successful leader. Hopefulness streams starting from the top – working with individuals who are fate and agony hoses the mindset for everybody. Attempt and manage negative workers successfully, influence them to share your vision and endeavor to pass on this enthusiasm you have. Try not to be excessively diligent; influence them to see the advantages of being more positive.

Team work is necessary to create a successful contain. Leader should create a team to finish a work where people are from different background and findings. At the same time, leaders can lead by doing instance of telling the employees. He should find the path for solving the problem, not relaying on the co-workers. Put the right people in right place is another important things. If leader appoint an employee in the wrong place, company only lose a talent. 30% of the present best oversaw organizations are utilizing frameworks like the Predictive Index and Professional Learning Indicator to get the ideal individuals in the correct parts, get ready groups for change, progression design and create talented pioneers. “Talent is extremely important. It’s like a sports team, the team that has the best individual player will often win but then there’s a multiplier from how those players work together and the strategy they employ.”- Elon Musk.

An effective pioneer dependably with his employees and does not criticize them for their missteps. Just human do the mistakes, they likewise can gain from the mix-ups. Along these lines, urge the representatives to take every necessary step legitimately and following by this association condition and the working limit of the workers is ascending. Two-way communication is an outright basic component for a leader who has genuine authority abilities – ensure gatherings you have with your staff mean something. Constantly audit the advance of your staff and thusly tune in to any worries that they may have. Always express the objectives and focuses on that the association needs to guarantee that the general population in your association comprehend what they are really going after.

Authority correspondence has three noteworthy perspectives: Core, Managerial, and Corporate. The Core Aspects Approach incorporates composing and talking: these are the individualized abilities and are required to be extended, to lead and oversee greater gatherings or groups. Expressive social understandings, listening quietly, group administration and group gatherings, giving preparing offices and tutoring are the abilities which help to oversee gigantic gatherings and are Managerial Aspect Approach to initiative correspondence.

The Corporate Perspectives Approach is the abilities required at the considerably more elevated amount of authority, and there is a need to interface with an outside circle, aptitudes which are most required: keep up worker relations, correspondence amid change and emergencies, media affiliations and picture building. For an association, the greatest test nowadays is to win the trust of its workers, business accomplices and clients. An association with pioneers who are sufficiently skillful to impart responsively and much of the time with superbly arranged and committed correspondence approaches, to empower workers as well as a business accomplice and clients too to trust on the association. Employees will float towards the individuals who give clarity and decision. That expects somebody to settle on a choice. Except if that is done the gathering stagnates – and searches for a pioneer.

Workers are more flexible to work with a leader who are able to make an instant decision. It implies the pioneer can structure exchange with others in order to consistently land at an accord. Different circumstances, when a choice must be made by the pioneer, he/she can pass on a discerning reason for it. In other cases, leader can’t able to make a decision, i.e., when an employee suggest to make a change in his department for becoming more effective with the work which is related to other department. At that stage, ‘employee leader’ try his best to persuade that manager that the change is worthwhile. The important point is leader doesn’t avoid or delay decisions. “Without decisive action to lay the groundwork today, the massive volume of affordable, high efficiency panels needed for unsubsidized solar power to out compete fossil fuel grid power simply will not be there when it is needed,”- Elon Musk.

A leader always improves himself when get an opportunity to personal progression. He believes that learning curve never ends. When an employee see that leader is improving himself then he also become encourage to acquire knowledge. Administration abilities regardless of how positive attitude show you that you generally have space to develop.

Empathy is another trait for a successful leader. When a team completes a project with good achievement congratulates them and who not able hitting his targets to encourage them. Over all, knowing leader is there for them and that’s the characteristics of a true leader. Behavior of a Successful Leader Behavior is the biggest issue to become a successful leader. Behavioral theory explain behave of a leader.

In the 1930s, Kurt Lewin built up a structure in light of Leaders behavior. He contended that there are three kinds of pioneers: Autocratic leaders settle on choices without counseling their groups. This style of administration is viewed as fitting when choices should be made immediately, when there’s no requirement for input, and when group understanding isn’t important for a fruitful result. Democratic leaders enable the group to give a contribution before settling on a choice, in spite of the fact that the level of information can change from pioneer to pioneer. This style is essential when group assertion matters, however, it can be hard to oversee when there are heaps of alternate points of view and thoughts.

Laissez-faire leaders don’t interfere; they enable individuals inside the group to settle on a significant number of the choices. This functions admirably when the group is profoundly proficient, is inspired, and needn’t bother with close supervision. Be that as it may, this conduct can emerge in light of the fact that the pioneer is sluggish or occupied; and this is the place this style of authority can come up short. Unmistakably, how pioneers carry on influences their execution. Analysts have acknowledged, however, that huge numbers of these authority practices are proper at various circumstances. The best pioneers are the individuals who can utilize various conduct styles, and pick the correct style for every circumstance.


In the above paragraphs, we are talking about the traits and the behavior of a successful leader. Whether a manager wants to become a successful leader, he should have a clear vision, be more strategic and choose the right persons. Secondly, create a team who are desperate to achieving success and keep them always motivated. Communicate with the team members and listen to them. As a manager you have right to order your employees but a leader always listen to them and pick their decision if it’s truly work for the company improvement. Personal improvement is another major point for the manager, knowledge is power. If a manager has no idea what to do or how to do or can’t take a quick decision, employees are not willing to work with him. So, manage should increase personal improvement and the capacity to make an instant solution for introducing himself as a leader. Finally, empathy is a trait of a leader, the manager can improve his attributes and empathy for employees.

Pros and Cons

A good leader always gets the respect and admiration of others. People always want to be bigger than themselves and desperate to achieve the success. A leader is passionate what he do and dive in full stream. When a pioneer gets energized and demonstrates enthusiasm to people around you it’s infectious. It’s difficult for others to not feel the buzz of positive vitality. Self-respect of a leader is more than other employees of the company because they are able to help a lot of people and stay motivated by themselves. A leader has a lot of responsibility, they are working long hours on something and often time alone. Besides that, the team success or fail everything fall back a leader. He should able to handle the stress and elevate entire team performance. A leader takes the role to connect between a company and the team, so have to be comfortable like as a lead singer. A leader can’t control all the things because the period of a great time can be changed anytime.


In the conclusion, we can state that Leadership is a mentality and disposition, not a position. Anybody in any situation in an association can be a pioneer on the off chance that they have a dream for the future, in the event that they draw in individuals in getting amped up for working towards making the future and they make happen what wouldn’t generally happen had they not chose it was critical.

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