Audi R8 Spyder – My Dream Car

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Audi R8 Spyder – My Dream Car

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Every car enthusiast has a small group of cars that they’d give anything to own. Hell, even driving one would feel like a huge accomplishment. Some of us dream of owning million-dollar hyper cars, while others would be just as happy with a drift missile that they can make their own. When you’re asked about your dream car, there are no wrong answer. When you know you know. When the new garage feature was released it got me thinking. What are my dream cars? It took no time at all to jot a few down. After I was satisfied with my list I stared at the screen for a minute wishing I could just spend an hour driving around in one of these cars. So instead of looking on in admiration, I went and got one.

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There are a lot of cars I like, but one of them is the Audi R8 Spyder. Since its beginning it’s been one of my favorite cars. Its aggressive and sophisticated styling always attracted me to the car. Besides, who could say no to a screaming V10 over your right shoulder. The second you slide in the driver’s seat you get that overwhelming feeling of excitement and confidence. It is the best feeling you could imagine… until you start it. Immediately the roar of the engine multiplies that feeling to a point that even the most masculine man will giggle. That’s not a euphemism I actually broke out in hysterical laughter. I shifted into gear and began to head out of the dealership. Before I could even hit the street 20 feet away, I could already feel 10 pairs of eyes looking at the car.

One of the best parts of an R8 is the looks you get while driving it. I hit the road and immediately felt the car pull in a way so intoxicating it will give you a rush of adrenaline. Even accelerating to 45 mph makes you feel like an f1 driver about to set off on your first lap. I continued down the road driving normally, still trying to comprehend that I was sitting in one of the greatest feats of engineering the Germans have to offer. Right before I could hit the gas, I realized I had to go get groceries. Procrastination really is the worst. I ran into the store and walked out about 15 minutes later with a good amount of groceries. As I walked up to the R8 I realized 2 things: I don’t know if I’ll have enough room in the frunk, and that multiple people were around the car that weren’t there when I left. The first thing I did was awkwardly walk up and pop the frunk. I’m not joking when I say that $90 worth of groceries legitimately fit in the frunk with no issues at all. If this isn’t a testament to the daily driving ability of the R8, I don’t know what is. After I loaded everything in, I began to walk over to the driver’s door. At this point almost everyone had walked away but two people. Staring at the car was a man and his young son. The son had that look that I had the first time I saw a cool car, pure joy. He looked at the car like it was something out of a dream. Even the noise of the car unlocking made the kid jump. I decided to ask the dad if it was ok if I let him sit in the car. At first he looked a little unhappy, but that quickly changed after he said, “Only if I’m allowed to sit in the car after him”. Both of them took a quick turn sitting at the helm, and you could literally measure the happiness coming from both of them. I felt like I just gave them a thousand dollars. They stood back as I started the engine slowly drove out of the parking spot. When I say that people’s reaction to the car is one of the best parts, I’m not kidding. I continued my day taking the car around Atlanta to soak in everything I could.

The R8 is truly in its element on any road in a city. It handled the bumpy claustrophobic streets of Buckhead just as well as it handled the smooth open streets of a highway. When you switch the car into comfort you can drive along comfortably and almost silently (don’t worry you still hear the perfect amount of v10 rumble). Once you switch it to sport, every part of the car goes wild. The exhaust gets louder, the engine is more responsive, and the transmissions allows you to rev out and snap from gear to gear. When it was about time to bring the car back, I met up with my photographer to take a few quick pictures of the car. After we were done he wanted to go for a ride. We got in and began to head back to the dealership. You might be wondering why I brought up such a minor detail of the day. It’s because I had the top up. Once again why is this important? It’s important because my photographer sits a little above 6’7” and he comfortably fit in a supercar with the roof up. I don’t know any other supercar that can do that. The R8 really is an amazing car. It’s a dream car.

Don’t spend your life looking at your dream cars. Do what you can to drive one. It will be worth it. I would like to thank Antonio Medina and Tracie Maloney at Audi Atlanta. When I came to them and told them my idea for this article they were nothing but helpful and encouraging. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to drive the R8 and many other Audis I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I didn’t have to say anything about the dealership but as I wrote in a previous article, I genuinely believe it is one of the best dealerships in the nation. If you need a new, certified, or pre-owned Audi, please stop by Audi Atlanta. They will treat you with the best car buying experience you will ever have.

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