Audre Lorde and Issues Experienced by Women

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Musical involvement reinforces standard binary position among individuals from different parts. From the West Side Story, the song “America” in part, is all about how American culture treats Puerto Ricans as second-class citizens. At some point, their tension turns out to be hatred about the color difference. From American lyrics, hyper-sexuality of Anita and Bernado, Anita’s dismissal of Puerto Rico as primitive and oppressive, Bernado’s refusal to accept Tony’s offer of friendship, depiction of sharks as the aggressors all sums up to create stereotypes of Puerto Ricans as different. The isolation of one group stands to be one way of oppressing the group as from this form of treatment that one can feel that he/she has no impact.

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From Audre Lorde’s article, she argues that much of western European history makes readers have a difference in human nature in opposition to each other whether good/ bad, up/down, superior/inferior. From this perspective, the most treasured is not in form human satisfaction but instead narrows to the benefit that a particular group gains by dehumanizing the other inferior group. Generally, the isolated category does not have a voice to stand and share ideas with the other group which might be resourceful in daily acts. The pride within the superior ones blocks all the links with the inferior as they always consider them weak and less in contributing to society (Lorde, A.) Just the same as the instance of the West Side Story where Bernado considers the race more important to a point of refusing to be friends with Tony just because the class and race that Tony belongs were considered inferior by Bernado’s race. This kind of difference blocked the relationship between those two which could have resulted in positive results helping better development of the film processing. Also, the fact of looking into an individual different from others come on board and thus creating hatred among people.

Lorde also says that, on the edge of consciousness, there is what she calls a mythical norm, which each one of us within our hearts knows “that is not me.” The same applies to Americans where the norm is defined as white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian and financially secured. Out of this norm is what is giving much energy for Americans to have power over the rest and rarely associate with others. through the powers, those who are outside the power find themselves different from the rest and assumes it to be a way of being oppressed (Lorde, A.)

“Refusing to recognize difference makes it impossible to see the different problems and pitfalls facing us as women,” says Audre Lorde. The fact that women all face almost similar challenges that can serve as a lesson to the rest is crucial. Irrespective of race, age, and class, women are most likely to experience almost similar problems which on sharing can enable others to learn from them and have better solutions on solving. This fact is only possible when there are no instances of superiority and inferiority among people and can, on the other hand, can remain a threat to women’s life.

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