Authority of Scripture and the Bible for the Modern Christian

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An article written by Tita Parham entitled The Bible: from age to age the same? addresses the relevance of the Bible and what impact it has on the current generation as well as the affect it will have on generations to come. Parham draws from many different theologians to discuss the “changing “of the Bible, its role and purpose, and its cultivating nature that is essential to the lives of those in the Christian faith.

A typical Christian would see the bible as sacred scripture, a guideline to use in the Christian faith, and an important document with great influence on universal law of morality and ethical issues, e. g. the Golden rule (Matthew 7:12)

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However, as society and culture continues to evolve, generational thinking begins to take place, cause a mulling over that validity and truth telling of scripture. Parham states that the great debate is the meaning of the bible. I think this issue stems from the human idea of how much authority and impact scripture has in this context. The Bible is important as it liberates and witnesses to the freedom that is found in God. I will advocate that the Bible has great authority in our lives because of its real-life examples through historical references that we can see manifested into many societal changes happening in the here and now. Whether literal, divinely inspired to be written by humans or a carrier of legends, fables and tales, the Bible was written to be read and interpreted in community of faith.

More importantly, context plays a key part in receiving the Word and allowing it to become an authority in the way on seeks to live a Godly lifestyle. Migilore goes further by stating that this authority needs to be understood in relation to it content and function in a community of faith. This is not very concrete thinking insofar as it creates open portal for unstable and unresolved issues on what is truth and how truth is brought forth in the bible. The United Methodist tradition believes that the Bible is the "Word of God through the words of human beings inspired by the Holy Spirit,” It is the source of all needed for salvation and the "guide for faith and practice. " Patham quotes Rev.

Elaine Robinson saying that “the interpretation of scripture is steamed from how people define the overall meaning of the Holy Scripture. ”The biblical example of Noah and how he completed his assignment given to him by God to father supports the relevant scripture and authority scripture to our present context. We may not be able to make the connection the great flood part of the story however, the latter part of the Noah story is very relatable to our content. As the story continues, after recovering for the flood, Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, gets drunk and naked (Genesis 9:20, 21). To make matters worse, Noah’s own sons betrayed him except one, Shem (Genesis 9:22-27). Is this not happening in the here and now?

The authority of scripture is important because it recognizes human actions with divine wisdom embedded on the Word. This is critical in discussing and determining relevance the relevance of scripture in our current culture. Practically, the role of Scripture can be related to the authority of Scripture. If the scriptures are read and interpreted in the community of faith. Lastly, we cannot leave out nor fail to acknowledge the Holy Spirit being present when addressing this subject. “By the power of the Holy Spirit, Scripture serves the purpose of mediating the good news of the astonishing grace of God in Christ that moves us to greater love of God and neighbor and calls us to the freedom for which Christ has set us free. ” Migliore states. The Holy Spirit gives much authority to scripture. I truly believe that same spirit divinely inspired and dwelled in and with the authors of the Bible. To write such life-giving wisdom and faith formative direction is enough to ultimately affirmation of the authority scripture has for those who are believers of Jesus Christ.

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