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Auto Manufacturers Should Go Green

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Amid the race to keep themselves out of the accusation of polluting the environment, they have taken their first step by announcing to go green sooner. Big engines, noises, and large fuel-guzzling engines will be replaced by electric motors with no noises but the manufacturers promise to give the same amount of performance.

Big carmakers like Volvo, JLR, VW are going the tesla way. Be it the traditional one or the new startups, all are focused on capitalizing on the opportunity. Tesla was among the first ones to introduce electric cars and they are selling a good number.

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They are selling in good numbers yet the manufacturers are investing heavily to make a paradigm shift in the stream. Governments are also helping to idealize the situation by stiffing the emission norms, subsidizing electric vehicles, and marking a deadline for the sale of petrol & diesel cars.

Some of the large manufacturers like Volvo, VW group, JLR have already announced that they will pull their hands off the conventional IC engines and will go either hybrid or fully electric. Countries like India, France, Britain has already published their plans to go electric at least by 2030.

Cars like Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolts are some of the low-cost EV’s and will help to lay the future path for the companies. Recently, Tata group-owned JLR showed their plans to go hybrid or electric by 2019 with the introduction of models like Range rover and discovery sport 2019.

On the vehicle front, automakers are also innovating some great features to introduce in their future cars. Porsche Mission E will be powered by two engines with 600 hp & will constitute a wireless charging facility and could be introduced by 2019. VW has shown two concepts that might get a debut, a crossover named I.D and I.D. Buzz. I.D. buzz is the re-introduced electric version of its iconic van.

Similarly, JLR has introduced their first all-electric car – the I-Pace. It has 400-hp and 516-lb.-ft of torque and will reach 60mph from a halt in 4sec. Surprisingly, Aston Martin is also going to be green. It is planning to launch the RapidE sedans and the company claims that it will outrun Teslas in every field. But it would be limited to only 155 cars. This luxury car might cost around $250,000 and could be introduced in 2019. BMW is already working on the BMW I3, the shrunken tall boy design from the I8. Mercedes-Benz, Audi & Volvo will also be introducing their cars soon.

Like in the IC engines segment for the faster cars, the Electric segment is also facing the same heat. Rimac, the Croatian hypercar manufacturer, is such a company to make one of the fastest electric cars. These cars have made Lambos and Ferraris think about their speeds. Rimac one is one of the famous cars that Richard Hammond crashed, apparently. It has a claimed 0-60mph time of 1.8 secs. That’s too fast, I would say.

Tesla has been named as a valuable car manufacturer in the US in 2017. It’s not for the number of cars it is selling but because it is in a better position to produce all-electric cars to cope up with the upcoming shift in the trends. It has shown its peers that the consumers are interested in driving the EV’s and they also need to offer the same to keep them interested.

If these promises come to bear, the next decade will see a major shift in production trends, bringing electric vehicles to the streets in record numbers. That shift has already started, with a wave of all-electric cars built for mass appeals like the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model 3 now available. The next few years will see even more growth in the EV space.


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