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That’s my autobiography essay. Let me introduce myself. My full name is Dikhanbayeva Laura Meirkhanovna. I was born in Almaty city, Kazakhstan. I am 29 years. I came from a respectable family with educated sisters and brothers. My family consists of six people and I am the youngest. I love my family so much.

I was studying for 11 years at secondary school No 13 and I have completed it with an “A” grade. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology from the University of International Relations and World Languages by Ablai Khan in 2011. Philology is my specialization because I adore everything that is connected with Linguistics. I have studied two foreign: Chinese and Turkish languages. Learning languages is my passion. In 2010, I attended the intensive summer courses of Chinese Language Intensive Training of Yili Pedagogical University, and have completed the full course and passed the exams, I was granted by certificate.

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I had a great opportunity to work as an Administrator at “Sodexo” French service firm, continually I have been promoted to a “Hua You” service company as a Business Administrator. Our “Hua You” company provided custom-made services for state-owned oil and gas companies like “Sinooil”, “PetroChina”, “And China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)”. I acted as a “bridge” between companies, as they used to call me. I was an interpreter from Kazakh/Russian to English/Chinese and from English/ Chinese to Kazakh/Russian languages. I performed effective and cultural service orders immediately for clients and their visitors and created comfortable conditions for them: organized conference – halls for workers and delegations from different parts of the world. I participated in the seminar “Administrator – Face of the Company” by the studio for personality and business development “ARD”. After a while, “Sinooil”, “PetroChina”, and “CNPC” voted for me as the “Best Administrator” at Business Center and even honored me with a certificate.

I came to the United States of America through an exchange program that’s called “Work and Travel” in 2012. I worked at two jobs and I loved my experience with locals. I worked as a housekeeper at the hotel and also at Mcdonald’s in the capital city of North Dakota state. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy, so many new things when I needed to get out of my comfort zone. Eventually, after a while, I felt like a fish in the sea. I fell in love with this country and decided to pursue my goals by continuing to study. I have attended several schools to upgrade my English skills in the U.S. to be able in the future to comprehend my coworkers and utilize it in daily life.

I find myself a very intelligent and curious individual and it’s very easy to make me excited about everything new. I have an outgoing personality which helps me to mix well with those who are around me.

I am an extremely dedicated, detail-oriented, self-motivated, natural leader, and highly creative person.

I have various hobbies. Dance is my favorite activity. This activity inspires me to work even at home. I can dance every second, every free time that I have. For me, dance is more than just a beautiful form of art. It teaches me to take better care of my body, and consume healthy, proper food, I have learned to be more disciplined. Moreover, I am going to a dance studio which is called “Century Dancesport” in Tustin, California. I will compete soon against other studios and I am very excited about it. I love reading, I love imagining, It’s addictive as hell. By reading books you can be a Superhero rescuing citizens from danger, Sherlock Holmes solving a crime a late-night at, Juliet feeling her love for Romeo, and Harry Potter who is brave and selfless. In my opinion, by reading I can acquire a lot of knowledge in a diverse sphere, such as traveling, learning new languages, opening a business, and getting out of comfort zones by reading psychological books that help me to be competitive in this world. I am a member of Katie Wheeler Library in Irvine. I have a lot of favorite books, one the “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes”, which includes 101 stories about adventure, change, and positive thinking written by Amy Newmark. I am a big fan of sports. I went a couple of times to watch hockey in San Diego and basketball games in Los Angeles. In addition, I love drawing. When I am angry or stressed and having a not good day I just sit and start to draw it makes all my bad thoughts go away and eases the tension.

Currently, I am studying at the International Academics of English (IAE) at a high intermediate level of English in Irvine, California. I adamantly believe I will be an excellent candidate and a student for your Certificate Program of Business Administration at Southern States University. I am a quick learner and I have shown the ability to digest large volumes of information. It will be a great pleasure for me to see my continuing education at your University.

In conclusion, I am happy about being who I am. Indeed, I am not perfect just anybody else. However, I am a student of my own mistakes. I will do everything to make my family proud of myself and< how I write in my autobiography essay that’s why I am going towards achieving my goals with perseverance and a smile on my face. I believe nothing is ever handed to you so you have to go get it and if you want something done, do it yourself.  

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