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Automatic Accident Detection and Traffic Control System

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Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death. An important indicator of survival rates after an accident is the time between the accident occurrence and when rescue team reaching to the accident spot. Sometimes the delayed arrival of the rescue team to the accident spot increases the chances of the death of victim. To overcome this drawback, a new system can be implemented in which there is an accident detection system through sensors provided in the vehicle. A main server unit houses the database of all hospitals in the city. A GPS and GSM module in the concerned vehicle will send the location of the accident to the main server which will rush an ambulance from a nearest hospital to the accident spot. Along with this there would be control of traffic light signals in the path of the ambulance using RF communication. This will minimize the time of ambulance to reach the hospital and can also help in reducing the loss of lives of humans injured in the accident.


World’s population is growing very rapidly. Road traffic has also been getting more and more congested due to higher population and business activities that result in greater demand for vehicles. This increased vehicle density leads to many road accidents. A number of technological and sociological improvements have helped reduce traffic fatalities during the past decade, e. g. , each 1% increase in seatbelt usage is estimated to save 136 lives, Moreover, each minute that an injured crash victim does not receive emergency medical care can make a large difference in their survival rate, i. e. Analysis shows that reducing accident response time by 1 min correlates to a six percent difference in the number of lives saved

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After accident has taken place, helping the injured person as soon as possible is the crucial step that must be provided in order to minimize the negative effects of their health. For a noticeable reduction in rescue time, there must be:

  • fast and accurate accident detecting system.
  • fast and efficient evacuation of injured person trapped inside the vehicle.
  • there should be a clear way for the emergency vehicle to pass in traffic signals.
  • Objective and Scope

    The main objective is to detect the accident and accident location and notify it to the emergency department. There are many methods to overcome the problem of existing system. These methods are either mostly dependant on some hardware like sensors that must be installed in the vehicle. Out of all these methods, I am going to discuss about one method with its advantages, limitations etc.


    With the accident detection techniques, authorities will be able to provide better and faster instant medical attention. This research project eliminates communication gaps in reporting accidents. We cannot conclude this method to be a proper one, it still has got some drawbacks that can solved in the future.


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