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Project on the Development of Automated Software Testing Application

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Military hardware, like planes, tanks, satellites, radar and navigation systems, all require embedded software to operate and perform mission-critical tasks. These various technologies are used in the widest variety of scenarios possible, from desert combat to routine flight tests. This requires extreme redundancy testing before being implemented and ensured operation over extended periods of use.

Manual testing is time consuming, time constraints often make it impossible to manually test every feature thoroughly before software application. This project is focused on automization of testing of Electronic Warfare Suite Controller Sytem’s Simulator. A testing application has been developed using a single platform( Python language), that can automatically check the whole dataset of EWSC simulator in a cross-platform environment. To facilitate asyncronous testing, threading has been initailized in test application. In addition to this,failure analysis technique has been made by introducing check points to filter out the causes in case of failure of any test

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Automatic Software Testing is an umbrella term used by a broad range of military personnals and commercial vendors using software testing technology replacing the conventionial hardware testing techniques In a more general sense,it is a modern day user friendly problem solving tool. Two types of definitions are found in the literature. One type defines fundamental concepts. The other type defines basic performance measures. In some cases, definitions consist of a list of alternatives. This approach enables choices to be made to meet the needs of particular programs. The important point to keep in mind is that within the context of a particular experimental design. A set of protocols should be adopted to best fit the situation, applied, and then kept constant throughout the evaluation.

User performance and platform characteristics are excluded from the evaluation.It is recognized that platform characteristics and other operational factors does affect the quality of solution and performance of testing application. A thorough understanding of data protocol, integrity, interfacing, availability, and timeline are important for development, test, and evaluation of automatic testing application. Sequence and availability of dataset should be quantized and assessed

Automatic Software Testing – the use of computer processing to detect and identify defects automatically is becoming critically important in several military applications. Manual testing was time consuming due to which testers were not able to check all areas and no clue in case of any failure. This project focused upon studying and developing an automatic testing application for an avionics sub-system EWSC. This project will act as light house for more development in the field of Avionics.

Full Digital Simulation Lab is established at APF PAC Kamra. It was developed with the ambition of parallel development and de-bugging of Operational Flight Program(OFP) which was not possible in Dynamic Simulation (DSI) Lab. With the development of FDSL, OFP animation and de-bugging facilities were made available in Rhapsody software.Parallel OFP development capability was achieved by simulating various avionics sub-systems that include MFD,HUD display, HOTAS, Peripherals like UFCP,AAP and many more. FDSL was fulfilling the objectives of re-using already developed softwares of FMS and DSI SWS which has resultantly reduced the hardware procurement cost. It also supports the idea of short-development cycle

FDSL is developed on the same lines as that of actual JF-17 Simulator. The whole actual environment is actually simulated in FDSL constituting various system’s simulators. Methodology of data reception and data transmission,systems interfacing,communcation protocol all parameters are set as per the DSI lab FDSL is an integrated environment where simulators of various avionics sub-systems communicate with each other through User DataGram sockets. Following are the avionics sub-systems that are integrated

Weapon Mission Management Computer is considered as the heart of Avionics Suite of JF-17 aircraft.It is basically a Bus Controller for both 1553 MuxBus (A,B). It works on Master/Slave concept. WMMC is the master while rest of the Remote Terminals act as slaves.Whole communication is done through it. Two WMMC systems are installed, one serves the purpose whereas other one act as a stand-by system. WMMC runs as a virtual machine in a FDSL environment ALPHA is a virtual machine which consists of simulators of various avionics systems, which includes

ALPHA includes all the flight dynamics of aircraft on ground or in airborne state. It has a different message format from WMMC and requires some translation for understanding WMMC data. Dataset such as Pilot fault list(PFL), Maintenance Fault List (MFL) ,threat target data is manually generated from it in FDSL

Dynamic Simulator Frame Translator has a prime task of changing message format.WMMC and ALPHA both communicates on different message formats so it changes the format respectively by recepting and transmiiting messages both-way.

Maintaining sequence and quality of data is one of the primary tasks of a developer.Data flow in FDSL can be understood from the figure given below Above figure depicts the request data flow as well as the response data flow. Request data flow is shown by white arrows while blue arrows are showing response data flow.

Time consumption in manual testing can be easily understood from above shown figure as it is clearly indicating the user interface areas from where user each time initates the test In order to comprehend the idea of automizing the testing, message layer understanding needs to be developed.


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