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Autumn, My Favourite Season, and What I Love about It

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Autumn is such a sensational time of year. There are multitudinous festivities to engage in. The weather is lovely, the way the leaves change colors is very appealing to me, the fair is here, and everybody is hyped for the football season. Let’s not forget the holidays! Thanksgiving,a holiday full of fun, family, food, and laughter; Halloween, where we can tell spooky stories, scare people and dress up in fun costumes. The best part about the fall is I get to stay inside in the warmth of my own home and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies and time with the family. All in all, Autumn is a very cherishable season.

The leaves mysteriously alter colors overnight. Lawns and roads are covered in majestic shades of burgundy, red, yellow, orange, and brown. People rake up massive piles leaves as a decoration or a fun place to play and hide. The transformation of the leaves is the cue for the beginning of the Autumn. A lovely time of year!

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The weather is warm yet the wind is crisp. The morning chill awakens me as I head out the door to start my day. The dew drops shining in the spider webs on the grass make for a pitch perfect backdrop. The day is warm, yet sliced with icy wind. The tepid day turns into the brisk evening, making perfect weather for a sprawl by the fireplace or a bonfire with the gang.

Autumn is a wonderful season because it is mostly spent in doors. Toasty with the presence of others is mingled with piping hot chocolate, an intriguing book, a hefty snack, and a sprawl in my favorite spot. I have a very snug, plush, bean-bag like chair that sits to itself in a dimly lit corner; that is my favorite spot during the fall.

Down, set, hut! Football season has just touched down. People of all backgrounds are rallying far and wide for their most treasured team. I am a fan of the Alabama “Roll Tide” Elephants and the New England Patriots. Footballs drift over the field, chants cascade from the bleachers, and the entire atmosphere is live.The Friday night lights of the high school games give me such an adrenaline buzz that keeps me coming back for more each Friday. A great game surrounded by the Autumn night.

Energizing sites fills the view as I scroll down the midway of the fair. The aroma of the various food fills my nostrils with a mouth-watering scent. The alluring lights that make the rides more appealing than the screams and shrieks that erupt from them. My favorite ride is the one where you are sitting in the swing and the higher you go the faster you swing. It takes you a towering height over the fairgrounds and the view is astonishing. Everyone looks like little ants and the lights begin to blur. The air is crisp and fresh against my face, and that marks the end of a wonderful fair night.

October means Halloween is here! Spooky decorations everywhere, free candy, and a time to prank your friends. I adore seeing the younger kids dress up in their charming little costumes. Haunted houses are my fit though. The eerie thoughts you have walking into the ghoulish set up. Chill bumps prickle my skin and shrieks erupt from my throat as I jump in fear from whatever terrifying attractions popped from behind some hidden door. Though everyone does not fancy Halloween, I think it’s a pretty rad night.

The turkey is smoking and the family is laughing because Thanksgiving is upon us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it is within my favorite season! Family chefs are all in the kitchen preparing our favorite dishes, the house is full, family is everywhere. Laughter is booming all throughout the day and memories are being created. When the food is finished cooking, we all sit, bow in prayer, then proceed to ingest a magnificent meal, prepared by blessed hands. Oh how I love the Thanksgiving holiday!

To conclude, Autumn is my favorite season. The weather, the leaves, the holidays, being at home with the family, and the fair are all some of my most favored things. The fall time for me is a time to enjoy life, and not be so uptight about things. Autumn is personally a season of great joy for me. I pleasure being with my family, and having fun at the many festivities that are in town. I love autumn, it is my favorite season.


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