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Avatar and Avengers Endgame are both popular Hollywood movies, which released in 2009 and 2019 respectively. Those amazing film technologies used in these two movies make them become two of my favorites film and also well worth seeing. Avatar is an American science fiction epic movie released in 2009, written and directed by James Cameron. Cameron's Avatar, which took 4 and a half years to produce and totaled nearly 500 million US dollars, not only opened up a new world of film 3D technology, but also brought an epoch-making audiovisual experience. Cameron ’s dream since childhood was to make movies, his love and obsession with movies, and to make his own science fiction movies. In order to achieve his dream, he spent 32 years planning Avatar, passed this movie and got great achievements. Avengers endgame is an American epic superhero movie released in 2019, produced by Marvel Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Movies. In this essay, there will be comparisons between plot, character and visual style of Avatar and Avengers Endgame.

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In this two movies, they have different central plot, like Avengers Endgame, the central theme i think is grief, I remember seeing Tony Stark adrift in space, his loneliness echoing through the confines of the Benatar. The movie tells of the surviving members of the Avengers working with their allies to reverse the damage caused by Exterminator in the infinite battle. In Avatar the central theme i think it is protect the person or things we love. The director wanted to express the great damage that war has brought to peace. At the same time, in this movie we saw the beautiful love and the friendship between friends. What I remember most in Avengers endgame was that he sacrificed Iron Man in order to save people. With the sentence: 'I am Iron Man', a finger snapped, and exterminator and his army were wiped out. I think there is one thing in common in both films, that is friends and family, members fight for their own family and friends to protect them, for them, these are the most important.

With the passage of time, technology has also become more and more developed, the difference between ten years, the visual experience of movies will be different. Cameron said that the extension of the film in the 1990s was to wait for the technology to develop to a sufficient height so that the director could fully express the scene of the film he envisioned. To create photo-realistic computer-generated characters, Cameron developed new motion capture animation technology; the development took 14 months and was not completed until December 2006. He could make such a wonderful movie in 2009, bringing a powerful visual experience, every shot is exciting. Among them, through the shooting of low angle to highlight the tall and powerful characters, the number of uses is also more. In the film 'Avatar', the director not only used color to outline the film's environment and character modeling, creating a mysterious and dreamy visual effect, but also used the color to enrich the expression form and cultural connotation of the film, thereby strengthening the expression tension of the film language

The colors used by the characters are completely different in the two movies. In order to create the sci-fi and mysterious effects of the film, director James Cameron applied different color combinations to create, and used colorful colors to outline many plants and animals that are different from the human earth. In the jungle, mostly green is used. Zoe Saldana the name of the heroine she played called Neytiri, in the story is the princess of the Namadhi tribe, Omadikaya. She was attracted by Jack's bravery. Like all Nevilles and Avatars, Neytiri was created using performance capture technology. She doesn't like to kill if she can help it and is angry with Jake Sully for forcing her to kill viperwolves in order to save him. Like her mate, Neytiri is brave, loyal and strong-willed. She follows the rules and traditions. The main color of the Neville's body is blue. This is because in a legendary Indian religion, the color of God is mainly blue, vishnu (and Lord Shiva) and his avatar Krishna are depicted in ancient literature as blue deities and are believed to be blue in color. It is presumed as a homage to the culture and the deities.and there is another reason that James Cameron himself likes blue very much. Avengers endgame, Thanos, it ’s purple. I searched for other villain characters in the movie, basically they are purple or black, this is also the characterization of their colors through different characters. Crazy Titan Destroyer is a melancholic, contemplative person, full of the concept of death, seeking personal power and increasing strength, implanting his own chip into him is stronger than his brother. People who have their own crazy ideas about the universe and want to destroy half of them. Compared with Avatar, all characters have their own characteristics, and their clothing is also based on the characteristics of the characters. The characters in Avatar are mainly blue.

In conclusion, these two movies both are Hollywood movies, ten years apart, special effects technology has become more advanced, I think Avengers endgame movie look and feel and special effects technology is better. Through the understanding of the two films, there are different differences in the color and visual style of the two films. This essay comparisons between plot, character and visual style of Avatar and Avengers Endgame in these three ways. 

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