Avengers Endgame; the Great Culmination of The Avengers Series

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“Part of the journey is the end,” says Iron Man in the final instalment of the Marvel Avengers series. Avengers Endgame, a three hour long movie, is the ending to the immense avengers series including the ending to some of the most beloved characters. Though the departure of Black Widow and Iron Man are enough to make the audience lament, the movie is still enjoyable for it’s massive scale, witty humor and spectacular graphics.

Endgame is made by the Marvel studio, under the Disney Brand. Directed by the Russo brothers who also directed Infinity war, the winter soldier and captain America civil war. As far as the cast is concerned, household Hollywood names, such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson appear on the big screen. The budget of the movie is 356 million and it made 2 billion dollars which made the salary 2.261 billion USD. This immense movie is even predicted to to 800 million USD by Memorial day or May 27, which is incredible profit Marvel is making dor just one movie. To compare how much people spend money on this movie, it’s presale ticket was at 1000 USD each and the AMC theater website even crushed due to demands for Endgame tickets.

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The plot of this three hour long movie is, suprinsily protracted. A lot of Marvel fans didn’t expect that the movie will be that long, they thought would be a short and sweet ending of their venerated avenger’s serie. Despite how extended the movie is, almost no one found it lingering. The audience adored the movie and personally, I loved it to. The movie star after Thanos had successfully collected all of the six stoned and snapped half of life in universe out of existence. The remaining avengers, Iron man, Captain America, rockets and other meet up in the avengers headquarter trying to figure out wheres Thanos and try to kill him. When they arrived, they were expecting Thanos with the six stone, but only to find out that he used the stones to admonish the stones. Without another word, thor came in and decapitate Thanos. After this event, the survivors quickly learned that there loved ones wouldn’t be coming back, so they learned to live without them. It was more difficult for some people. For example, Clint Barton, or more well know as Hawkeye, turned to a ruthless vigilante. Then all of a sudden, Ant Man luckily escaped the quantum realm and thought of an idea. He proposed that they build a time machine and get the stone from the past. The avengers agreed and they recruit Clint and Thor, who turned alcoholic and addicted to videogames in New Asgard. The plan was for Hulk to convince the ancient one to give him the time stone, well Captain America, Iron Man and Ant Man go for the mind stone and the space stone. The rest of the team were divided in groups of 2. Rocket and Thor went to Asgard for the reality stone, Black Widow and Hawkeye went for the soul stone and Nebula and Rhodes went for the power stone. Everything went smooth until Nebula got kidnapped and Thanos and his army got into the future. Then , Hulk brought the other half of universe back and there was a big fight between the avengers and Thanos. After the battle, Iron man died because he sacrificed himself so he can snap Thanos and his army away.

The most significant part, in my opinion is when Romanoff died so that Clint can retrieve the soul stone. I find this part of the movie very crucial because it is the end of a character which was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010. This was very emotional to a lot of audience that one of our favourite character dies. This is unlike Iron Man’s death because Marvel is most likely to bring him back. Even though this is the sad scene, I still like how marvel made Romanoff last word, “ I forgive people on their worst mistake,” just like what hawkeye said to him when she asked him why he speared her in the first avenger.

Even though Endgame loss of character is a little too much and overwhelming, the film end the series pretty well. The entire movie was overall, just shocking and it was full of surprises. It was a big success and got 94 percent of rotten tomatoes. This incredible tale of the avengers earns a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If Stan Lee, the father of Marvel, would have sawn this masterpiece, he would have been so proud.  

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