Baby Boomers: Main Topics and Concepts

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First, the baby boomer generation is defined as the individuals born between 1946-1964. This group of people are knowingly ”separated” from the rest of the generations. (‘Baby Boomers: The Gloomiest Generation,’ 2019). This age of people are the ones being targeted by marketing companies because they are becoming middle-aged or older. They are used in different ads or marketing campaigns as examples of why they may need a product or where they are at in this time of their life.

The woman’s brief photo describes how women who are older may need some help when it comes to bathroom mishaps. This shows that you can be older get the help you need with being discrete and still look young and beautiful to the rest of the world. This area is kind of a gray area when it comes to women talking about personal problems or using products like this. Women are going through all sorts of things at this stage of life so a sensitive area for sure. Giving women the confidence they need is what the product is about. (Andrew Adam Newman, 2012). Advertising this needs to be done gracefully and with respect for companies selling it.

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I chose this photo because a lot of baby boomers are up there in age and a lot of ads or commercials focus on health and insurance. It is a critical time in some of their lives where they need this coverage and advertising for it is everywhere. People usually start taking their health a little serious when net reach middle age or later. (‘Health Risks,’ 2016). This is the best time for those companies to reign in those baby boomers and gets their attention on their health. This type of advertising is all over the internet in magazines or social media. Health concerns rise everyday and a lot of testing is done to try and make us healthier.

This photo about middle age and marriage speaks to people who are around their middle age want to be in a secure relationship and have someone they can depend on. Most of the baby boomers’ marriages last because they married there best friend. In any case, this could be possible but marriage isn’t what it used to be. The rate of baby boomers divorce rate has increased in the past couple of decades. From 1990 to 2015 the rate increase in any boomers divorce was around 109% this is adult who are 50 or older. 

This is a large difference in decreased divorce rates from people who are 40-49. For companies advertising shows can’t boomers that marriages is important especially when it’s someone, you want to spend forever with. You see a lot of advertising with this especially on dating sites and social media sites.

I chose this photo of technology because I think it has the largest impact on the baby boomer generation. This photo shows how technology can be used at any age. The baby boomer era comes as the generation that didn’t use too much technology. This shows how no matter what your age is keeping up with the times is important especially the. 

Keeping in contact with loved ones or capturing that special moment of you and your family. (‘How technology fits into a Baby Boomers retirement planning,’ 2019). This generation has a lot of individuals that don’t want to use technology or still believe in things like paper checks. Advertising for this is a little simple just showing that generation that it is possible to accept change

Baby boomers have had a large impact on society due to the fact a lot of generations are tailored around this generation. There were a lot of babies born due to the rest of depression and the war. After the war and depression, the baby boomers began. The result of this is now all the boomers are at or around the retirement age and companies take ad a the of advertising to the. In different areas that they need at this stage of their lives.

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