Baby Boomers Vs Gen X Vs Millennials: How Do They Differ at Work


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Millennial employees are born from 1983 to 2000. Despite the fact that they are the youngest generation in the workforce, they will continue to strive for success. More individuals from this generation are continuing to enter the workforce and employee engagement should be the top of mind for the management. Some aspects which contribute to the characteristics and expectations of millennial employees:


Millennials depend on Technology to carry out their work. They communicate work matters through email, text messaging, phone calls or any other social media platforms. Face to face meetings have reduced.

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Job Hopping

The downside of Millennials employees are always looking for something better than before such as earning a higher salary, contacts you make in each job and new opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.


Employees prefer not to be tied down to a fixed working hours. They prefer flexibility in their schedule such as setting their own schedule, putting in the same hours of work from home and lastly work longer hours and shorter days in a week, e.g. work 4 days & 10 hours a week instead of 5 days & 8 hours.


Millennials valued work-life balance. They will not forgo time spend with family and friends for career. They seek freedom to suggest ideas and express themselves and their ideas in a project that they are working on.

Compare Millennials against Generation X and Baby Boomers


Employees from of all generations need to be valued and respected for their work. While the type of this recognition positively fluctuates from age to age, the basis remains the same. Employees want to know if their commitment, hard work and abilities are valued, recognised, appreciated and rewarded.


The first difference with the generation is their range of birth years. Baby boomers born between 1946-1962, Generation X born from 1965-1980 and Millennials born between 1983 to 2000. Secondly, for working ethics Baby boomers prefer to work for long hours and they are committed and hardworking. Generation X are independent, resourceful and they can adapt easily to the work given. Millennials do work at their own pace and they are creative, good at multi-tasking and career oriented. Moreover, Baby boomers prefer jobs that they can showcase their skills and talents. Generation X prefer jobs to consider about future values whereas Millennials like to be challenge and if they get bored or anyone disrespectful towards them, the percentage of them leaving the company is high. Lastly, how they look up to their manager. Baby boomers work once an assignment is given and they do not need to wait for advice or mentorship to carry on. Generation X like to question the authority by asking “why” when presented a specific task. They have a work together with you attitude and not work for you. Millennials looks up to their managers as they want to learn as much as they could and climb up the career ladder.

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