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Until 1941, Adolf Hitler’s main purpose was to exile Jews from Germany: however, at this time, Hitler issued the order to exterminate- do away with- the Jewish race (“Adolf Hitler” Britannica School). Anne Frank and her family were forced to leave Germany because of Hitler and the Nazi. Leaving behind their homes, the Frank family moved to Amsterdam, Holland, in 1933. The family learned to speak Dutch, and Otto started a business ( “ Anne Frank: “The Diary”). In 1935, everything changed for the family and all Jews living in Holland. Hitler created the Nuremberg laws, which lessened Jewish and other minorities’ rights. 

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Once Hitler attacked Poland, he forced many Jews into “ghettos.” Many people died in the ghettos from sanitation and overpopulation problems (“Holocaust” Gale, 2016). Anne Frank and millions of other Jews lived a life of tumeroil and misery during World War II because of the hatred of Adolf Hitler and his sudden rise to power. Hitler’s rise to power was a hard journey. He was born in 1889 in Austria (Adams 6). His father’s name was Alois Hitler. He did not like his father very much. In fact, he despised him. As a result, his father’s death was not very painful. On the other hand, his mother was very important to him. He loved her very much. 

When she died it was very devastating for him. At that time, Hitler wanted to be an artist, but his dreams were ruined because he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Hitler was rejected twice by the institute, once in 1907 and again in 1908. At the time, he lived a very lonely life in the capital of Austria, Vienna. In 1912, he tried to get power over Germany. He gained 30.1% of the votes. Paul Von Hindenburg got 49.9% of the votes. Hitler gained appeal in the next few years. Eventually, In 1919, Hitler took up political work in Munich (“Adolf Hitler”). He began with nonconnected men in Munich. Hitler’s leadership made them better. 

He worked hard to get the Nazi revolution and became chancellor for the Nazi Party. (“Hitler’s Rise to Power” 319). Hitler did not like Jews and he thought something needed to be done about them. He thought they needed to enforce their ideas, and people would follow. They used propaganda to make this happen. Then, Hitler was put in charge of the Nazi propaganda. Propaganda is lies to the public that were presented as truth. To spread their propaganda they put up posters and spread that Jews were bad and needed to be gone. They spread their truth and the public accepted. Jews were no longer treated equally. 

As a result, laws were passed making it illegal for Jews to use public schools, facilities, park benches, transportation, and they were prohibited from certain jobs. Jews were harassed in public places Before the war, women were not accepted into work. In spite of this, they were forced to let them work when the war started because men were at war and were unable to work (shuter 12, 23, 8). Jews and women were not the only ones that were treated unfairly. Catholics, poles, homosexual, Roma, and handicapped were also treated unfairly (“Adolf Hitler”). Hitler hated Jews, so he targeted Jews and other imperfect Germans for persecution. 

They were eventually removed from communities and were sent to ghettos. Ghettos were gross, diseased, and crammed. In fact, they barely had any food, utilities, water, and medicine. They were cut off from the rest of the world. Ghettos were walled and guarded so the Jews could not escape. They were not allowed to leave. They were mistreated and harrassed. Eventually, death camps were built to kill Jews and other imperfect germans. Then, concentration camps were built. The people in these camps were slaves. There were 301,000 foreign workers (Shuter 32-33, 8, 14, 23). They consisted of mainly Jews. 

Many were shot and killed with gas, but some were transported to death first. If you were a Jew you were either sent to live in ghettos, concentration camps, or labor camps. Eventually, almost all the Jews were gone from Germany. (Adams, 38-39). Eventually, in 1945 WWll ended. After all of Hitler’s hard work into making the Jews live in ghettos, concentration camps, labor camps, or go straight to death, he lost the War and the Jews were set free. They were free from Hitler’s hatred and discrimination. Germany then faced “year zero” in 1945 (“Adolf Hitler”). In conclusion, Hitler committed suicide by gunshot on April 30th, 1945 so he would not have to face the consequences for his actions. 

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