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Background Of Video Games

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Science and technology is the first productive force. With the development of science and technology, human civilization and a big step forward, from the previous carriage into cars, from the oil lamp into electric light. Now, people live better. To speed up the communication by phone. Use cars, motorcycles to speed up the pace of life. Do delicious food with rice cooker and gas. Video games are also the product of the technology. I think it brings more positive value to affect kids.

As a high new technology product. network game with its exquisite production, lifelike sound and precise picture of the strong interaction, simulation, participatory, competitive, easy intrusive to attract more and more people pay attention to them. This new thing for the inevitable development of young people brought some negative impact. First of all, video games are anonymity. It is easy for young people to form an unreal unrealistic ideal person in the game, which may confuse the game ideal person boundaries between in real life and leading to self lost, showing inconsistency personality and not uniform from the real life. Anyway, playing online games is stick control-based, it is the individual’s ability to operate the main, long addicted to the game, other capabilities, such as the development of verbal ability, social skills, self-knowledge capacity will be affected.

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Long-term indulging in online games, in aspects of communication with people face to face, they can not very well understand other people’s behavior, motivation or emotion does not properly regulate and control the emotions of oneself and others, and even their emotions can not be correctly identify and evaluate the expression, showing social intelligence be retarded. Teenagers obsessed with online games find themselves unable to indulge in the video games all day. always be trance during the school time and can not be concentrate during the class time, even at play truant, then neglect their studies, to live up to the expectations of the parents. Too obsessed with video games, for child’s health is harmful. Youth in the growth stage, the game screen sound and picture bright colors for eye irritation likely to suffer color weakness, afraid of the light, myopia and other eye diseases; carry their body radiation is likely to cause brain fatigue, but also affect sleep, leading to serious shock. Another long time to maintain posture, likely to cause damage to the spine, and a series of internal organs of oppression against children grow up healthy. It has many victims and adverse effects.


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