A Problem of Nightmares and Its Main Reasons

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According to Freud and psychoanalysis, the reason of your nightmares should be hidden in your subconscious or in your childhood. However, I’m not a Freud’s follower, therefore I won’t write here about that.

Nightmares have many triggers. Probably you are not aware of great part of them. Those triggers may be the answer to your question.

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Before I list the below, I would like to note that you are a teenager. At that period of life exposure to strong stress and intense emotions is higher than in the rest of the time. Stress, anxiety and fear are said to be the most responsible for nightmares.

From childhood through early adolescence, between 5 and 50% of children have nightmares with the prevalence of nightmare “problems” generally falling into the 20–40% range. In comparison, up to 85% of adults report at least one nightmare within the past year, 8–29% report monthly nightmares, and 2–6% report weekly nightmares.

Triggers of nightmares:

  • Anxiety and fear
  • Stress
  • Emotional state before going to bed
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Medications’ side effects
  • Wrong diet

Frequent nightmares are generally an expression of a disturbance in sleep structure, which may have serious consequences in health. People who frequently experience nightmares often report massively reduced sleep quality.

According to Islam, dreams represent a state which is connected to spiritual world. And what you see is somehow linked to your physical world. This is why dreams need interpretation by those who really understand them.

The stronger the spiritual state of person would be, the more sense his/her dreams make when it comes to interpretation. And the weaker the spiritual state, less the meaning of the dreams.

Since God has created humans and He wants that all humans get enough evidence of His existence and presence in their lifetime, so he has made it so that, along with other spiritual experiences, even those with weak spiritual states also sometimes are shown true and meaningful dreams.

Going further, the prophet of Islam(sa) had said that “true dreams are 1/46th part of prophethood” (al-Bukhaari, 6472; Muslim, 4201).

As for nightmares go, other than states of body and mind which can manifest themselves as nightmares, there can also be true dreams which are really bad and point to some bad news or bad things. A person after seeing such a dream should offer some sacrifice in the form of charity and pray for the bad meanings of the dream to be nullified.

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