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Bad Effect Of Too Many Uses Of Electronic Device

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In a world so invaded by technology, especially by new electronic devices that facilitate the use of the internet, many people spend long hours in front of the screen without a proper visual protection. Although the vast majority of users ignore it, the light emitted by digital devices has a negative impact on the eyes , which in turn leads to serious problems in the medium and long term. The rate of people with visual diseases has increased as technology has evolved and the worst is that it is estimated that it will continue to grow, because more and more people are using these elements almost without rest.

Taking into account the great risk that we run due to the frequent use of all technological devices, some key recommendations have been shared for some time to reduce the impact and protect the visual health . On this occasion we have compiled the 8 most important guidelines. Apply them!

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Exercise the sight Woman covering her eyes When too much time is spent in front of digital devices, the eyes do not blink as they should and, sooner or later, develop some degree of dryness. It is essential to take a few seconds, at least every 20 minutes, to do some exercises that facilitate lubrication. A good idea is to blink followed by keeping the focus towards the same point , or, to cover one of the eyes, to stare at a specific point and then repeat it with the other.

Maintain a certain distance in relation to the screen Optometrists are recommending to sit at least one forearm away from the screen. When working with a desktop computer, it will be necessary to adopt an adequate position that facilitates the use of the keyboard but retains the appropriate distance.

Expose the eyes to the light of day Relaxed woman sunbathing If the eyes are exposed to the light emitted by the devices and also to that of the LED bulbs, the problem may be twofold. Natural light is healthy and reduces the impact of artificial lights on the eyes . A good idea is to take a few minutes to go out to the garden, walk in the park or any other place where there may be some connection with nature. This habit will also help adjust natural circadian rhythms, improving the quality of sleep and mood.

Adjust the screen illumination The-10 mobile-phones-that-more-radiation-emit All the devices allow to adjust the lighting of the screen to adapt it according to the environment and the visual need . For example, if the place is illuminated, the brightness must increase to reduce the reflections on it. On the other hand, if the room is dark or it is already dark, the light should decrease as much as possible. When too much brightness is used without being necessary, the only thing that is achieved is to strain the sight and generate long-term damage.

Use protective glasses Although no visual problems have yet been developed , it is good to consult the specialist to receive the formulation of protective glasses. This accessory that for years has allowed many to improve their vision also has designs that reduce glare and visual fatigue. They should be used whenever you are in front of a screen, since it is the best way to protect the eyes against harmful glare.

Improve feeding As with the overall health of the body, the eyes also need some essential nutrients to reduce the harmful effects of digital elements and other agents that harm them. To preserve good vision and improve the performance of the nerves, it is advisable to take more: Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Vitamin A. Zinc. Vitamin C. Vitamin E. Antioxidants

Take regular breaks Rest Experts in visual health recommend taking a break of 15 to 20 minutes for every 2 hours you are in front of a screen. In the rest minutes, no other electronic element should be used and, as much as possible, you should blink or close your eyes for a while to lubricate well. Visit this article: Negative effects of a bad break 8. Reduce the use of these devices Many long for those times when there was not so much dependence on technology and more activities were done in the social environment. Why let loose good manners? No greeting for social networks will change that handshake or that hug with loved ones. Being aware of this and the problem that is generating in the health of the eyes, it is a great decision to begin to reduce its use as much as possible during the day , and to carry out other activities


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