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Bam Margera – an American Professional Skateboarder

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Fans cannot help but admire Bam Margera, the American born Moviemaker, television personality, musician, stunt performer and professional skateboarder, the man is just an embodiment of talents. Despite his success as a professional skater, Bam still managed to cross over to the world of entertainment and recorded great success out of his career in the entertainment industry.

The bundle of talents that is Bam went from Johnny Knoxville’s stunt and pranks show titled Jackass where he had a starring role to his own MTV show known as VIVI La Bam. He later appeared in the movie titled Jackass and co-wrote and directed Minghags and Haggard. He also made appearances in Bam’s Unholy Union where he was the subject of discussion as an expert skateboarder.

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His real name is Brandon Cole Margera, he was born in West Chester Pennsylvania on the 28th day of September 1979. Bam’s mother’s name is April Margera nee Cole while his dad is Phil Margera. The famous skater is of American nationality but with mixed ancestry of Italian, Welsh, English and German. His brother Jess Margera is a drummer for the band known as Camp Kill Yourself.

The only reason Bam enrolled in high school was because his friend Chris Raab was there, the moment Chris got suspended from school, Bam followed suit by dropping out in his ninth grade though his parents convinced him to go for his GED which he did. During his days in high school, he was featured in articles in Jeff Tremaine’s Big Brother magazine, and along with his brother Jess and his peers Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn and Chris Raab, the young film maker made CKY videos. In 2000 Jeff Tremaine went into a deal wit MTV to make a show titled Jackass with Bam getting a spot on it. Although the Jackass show only lasted for a couple of years, Bam went ahead to star in the Jackass film and later launched his own reality TV series titled Viva La Bam. The series featured his family members and his CKY members which include his close friend Ryan Dunn who later died from a road mishap. Presently, the television personality has his own game show titled Bam’s Badass Gameshow.


In March 2006, the bad ass stunt performer got arrested for unlawfully possessing dangerous weapons in LA after he tried to pass through the security check-point with brass knuckles. Bam was set free the next day after a $20, 000 bond which was posted by Johnny Knoxville.

Professional Skater

Bam is not just a skater, he is a daredevil skater who has taken the skating sports to a professional level. He landed The Loop in Phoenix, Arizona successfully in 2005 and made the records as the 13th known skater to do so as well as the 1st street skater to achieve the feat.

The bundle of talents that is Bam Margera got his nick name “Bam Bam” at the age of three from his grandad who observed his propensity of bumping into walls. It was his school mates who shortened the name to Bam while he was a student.


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