Banksy as a Graffiti Artist Or Common Vandal and is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism

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Many people see graffiti as another form of vandalism. But is that true,  is graffiti art or vandalism ? How art can become a vandalism? I believe graffiti is just another form of art.

Let’s start from who exactly Banksy is. Well, we do not know it, because his identity remains unknown. What we know is that Banksy is from London and can be classified as one of the world’s most famous graffiti artists. He uses different techniques to convey his messages, usually humorous or related to political issues. His original form of street art, combining graffiti and characteristic template technique.

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If you want to see artwork of a well-known artists, you must go to the museum. But what if you don’t have a money or time? All you have to do, is go for a walk. Passing through the known streets of London, you may come cross with one of Banksy’s work. He convinced that it was: “the most honest form of art opens to the public. There is no hypocrisy of turgid, and it is exposed on the best walls in the city”. It not only removes barriers, but also bring art to an ordinary people.

Banksy the path of artist individualism.

We can find many well-know and very popular artwork, which only look nice, but does not represent anything specific. Banksy himself revealed his reasons for his dislike for museums and galleries in a commentary where he said: “Galleries are simply offices with millionaires’ trophies. The audience never knows exactly what they are looking at.” One of the reasons why I do like his work, is the message that stands behind every single one of his artworks.

One of the things, that Banksy wants to emphasize is the problem of buying goods, that have become a basic pursuit, and sometimes even the sense of human existence. Through artwork, he wants to show the true nature of human, which is a need to achieve more, to possess more, because what they have is not enough for them. In his work, he also tries to include political insight, including everyday life problems like hunger, war and stereotypes. The purpose of his work is to provoke people to think, see through their eyes, and see what is happening around them.

Do we really need art? If so, why? Well, art is another form of communication, expressing yourself, your emotions and opinions. It also allows capture some important situations. Many photographers use his graffiti as aesthetic background for their work, also for writers, who include his graffiti in their books. His artwork could be helpful for aspiring artists, who are inspired by his talent. His work brings people together. When someone unsuccessfully tried to destroy one of his artworks, a group of volunteers gathered near the work and decide to constantly check this piece of art. Also, I cannot argue with the fact, that the old, neglected buildings looks better with his graffiti on it.

In summary, I believe that Banksy work brings a lot. Show us that we should see beauty, even when we think it is not there, because graffiti art is a new form of art.



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