Banning Smoking in Public Places

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Should smoking be banned in public places? This question has a lot of people's own opinions on it, like 66% people say ban it in public places and 27% say ban it completely. Some say to stop smoking is one of the hardest things to get rid of as tobacco contains nicotine which can become highly addictive for some, but smokers don't realize how bad smoking is as it can be a health issue. Smoking doesn't just harm the person it also harms others around them, therefore people should make an effort to stop smoking and here in the essay I will argument my statement.

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Imagine you are out with your family and going for a nice little picnic and decide to sit on a bench. Enjoying your view then a smoker comes long and stands right beside you and starts to light up his cigarette. Would you be happy? Would you get up and say something or make little hints by coughing? Or would you still sit and eat your lunch along with nicotine going in your system at the same time. There are some adults out there that think smokers should be allowed to do what they want as it's a ‘free world’, no one is saying we should shame the smokers we are just trying to make a point across how bad it is for you and others in your environment.

Stop Smoking to Save More Lives

If smoking stopped it would reduce healthcare costs. This is because people smoking doesn't realize what it can do to them, like for example; become severely sick, get cancer then can't cure it, your lungs can be affected really badly. So basically you can suffer from smoking. Healthcare bills are becoming more and more expensive and keep increasing as smokers are becoming ill and are then getting sent to the hospital for care, 9.3% of the healthcare bill has gone up because of smoking. Imagine you were about to have a baby and the ambulance would take half an hour as they have the ambulance out helping a smoker. But the smoker has got full attention but they've done this at their own risk. Wouldn't you be mad as you are about to go into labor? Around 800 people die from lung cancer in Northern Ireland each year, smoking can make your blood thicker and this causes your blood vessels to grow narrower, this makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure goes up, this also causes more blood clots and heart attacks as the blood cant pass through. More women die from lung cancer than breast cancer each year, this is the cause of smoking.

Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable. If thrown recklessly they can clog up our water system. With Banning smoking in public places there will be lesser cigarette butts and lesser toxic waste that can be stuck in our water system. Again we are suffering as smokers don't care where the butts go as long as they're happy after their smoke. Tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals; including tar, nicotine, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide.

Smoking can cause bones to become very weak, especially for women which can be dangerous. Smoking makes you prone to osteoporosis and bone fractures. Smoking decreases the body's calcium, which is needed for cellular functions and bone health. Nicotine kills the osteoblast which are cells that make up the structure of your bones. Once the bones in somebody's body are difficult to rebuild backup, once you are between 25 or 30 they have reached their maximum bone density. To make your bones better and stronger while smoking you could exercise regularly, drink lots of milk ( calcium) and try to avoid smoking heavily and cut down on alcoholic beverages.

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