New Accounting Software in the Sphere of Hotel Management: the Banquet Management Software

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Today most of the event is organized in hotels, banquet halls and community centers. Due to which hotel management satisfies some of customer and some are not because it is difficult to handle two to three events at same time. So we have introduced software for this problem. Many of banquet hall in Asian countries use traditional method of pen and dairies to manage their day to day task. This Method sound simple but it is not efficient. With the growth of internet day by day it is very important to keep up with user demand. It is not an easy task to be an owner because people today demand full of attention and comfort.

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Banquet management software is smarter solution to your problem. Our software enable user to find every possible tool to manage their multiple hall in simpler, easier and efficient way and make report of customer satisfaction. Customer has option to sees availability of hall and request that time. After confirmation customer paid advance payment online or by any other method he or she find convenient. Software records all data about booking from contract beginning, confirmation and completion through payment. Software able to manage all type of events like birthday, anniversary, wedding, farewell, convocation ceremony, social event, promotion launching of product and lot of more events. Software manages different venues and customer requirement and all additional services customer demand. Software manage customer database simply and easily and customizable to fit your requirement and needs. You have to rest your eyes as we will notify and send greeting note to customer must be happy with our services. We have provided many tools that help you in managing task and add comfort and ease in your work.

Software holds all information of attenders, meal plan, plan menu items and manage extra items for each individual function. Software manages all crockery, cutlery and detail of event and manages amenities for each function accordingly. You see your daily and next day event by using event booking calendar. It also manage dance floor, staging, table and chair, lightening and sound, wedding and party accessories include audio and video flow of event, set up style and instruction to staff, housekeeping and maintenance, store and inventory, management financial accounting, online reservation, budget friendly services, catering and decoration and workflow management.

Our software is a highly customizable program user friendly platform with online payment system. It automates your clerical work and save your money by automating it. Our main focus is to benefited customer and makes them to come again and again by enjoying our top services. It is specialty that our product gives you quick return on your investment.

Software is a cloud based so your data is 100% secure having no fear of losing data. We have good customer support team to help you in every step of way. By using our software you move one step ahead of your competition. We offer all features you need to manage your business. You have all data in your smartphone or laptop you can see you record and managing your events accordingly. You can check business improvement and information 24/7 from anywhere at any time. By getting quick response of customer you check customer satisfaction. We have designed this software in such a way to increase ease in your daily task. Software had ability to make report on your business so you can focus on what advancement you need and notice that what is working and what is not. We remind you about upcoming appointment so you can handle them well.

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