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After weighing the pros and cons of our 3 suggested marketing strategies, we decided the best option would be to construct a Banyan Tree Kids Camp. Our first recommendation of constructing a hotel in a new country would be difficult to budget, and with Banyan Tree facing heavy debt, we felt it could be too much of a financial burden. Our other recommendation was to book live entertainment to play at Banyan Tree Resorts to entice more couples to visit. This would be a cost-effective way of increasing revenue for Banyan Tree but, we decided to go with the kid’s camp because it allows us to target the much broader market of families. Since Banyan Tree is known as a more romantic getaway geared towards couples we feel like we need to keep those customers in mind when constructing the kids camp. For this reason, we will be constructing only one Banyan Tree Kids Camp first as a trial. If the camp is successful we will continue building them at more Banyan Tree locations. However, we believe that even if the camp is a great success we should keep them out of some locations. This is because some couples might not be too excited about spending their vacation time surrounded by children. For this reason, we have also decided to construct the camp with its own splash pad and pool area specifically for children. This will help ensure that every type of customer will be satisfied with their Banyan Tree experience.

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After collecting research about our existing hotels, we decided that Thailand would be the most ideal country to construct the camp. Thailand is a growing vacation destination for families and is a country that has something to offer every kind of traveller. When reviewing our Banyan Tree locations in Thailand we felt the best location for family travel was Banyan Tree Phuket. Phuket, Thailand is the perfect location because it’s away from the crowded and noisy city of Bangkok and features some of Thailand’s most popular beaches. This island offers plenty of fun family activities from snorkelling in the Andaman sea to riding an ATV through the jungle. Another deciding factor when choosing Banyan Tree Phuket was the fact that this resort already features a kid’s day camp called the Turtle Club. The Turtle Club is a babysitting service open from 8 am to 6 pm that is offered free to travellers who have purchased the “Sense of Family” package. Our plan is to expand the Turtle Club, so it can have children stay overnight and rename the building Banyan Kids Camp. This would include building sleeping accommodations as well as a constructing a full kitchen to serve meals to the overnight guests. As mentioned before we also think it would be a good idea to have a kid’s only pool and splash pad area located beside the Banyan Kids Camp. This will allow the children to enjoy themselves and have fun without the fear of annoying the adult guests. We think by transitioning the Turtle Club into an overnight camp we can attract more families to the Phuket location. We also plan to redesign the “Sense of Family Package” to include complimentary overnight accommodations for children at the new camp making it more affordable. Parents who have purchased this new package can schedule a 1 or a 2-night stay for their children at the Turtle Club completely free of charge. This will allow parents to have a night or two of privacy while ensuring them that their children are safe and sound nearby. We are offering this service free of charge to any families visiting the Phuket location to ensure the vacation is affordable for the average middle-class family. To keep the children excited about our camp will feature fun off resort excursions and base daily activities around the child’s age. Children 8 and under will enjoy their days doing activities like hiking through nearby trails while learning about the indigenous flora and fauna of the island or visiting the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. Children who are 8 and above will take part in more mature activities such as snorkelling and an excursion to the Splash Jungle Water Park located a half hour away. By offering these exciting daily activities we can ensure that children will have a once and a lifetime experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. For the parent’s peace of mind, we have decided to hire 2 overnight security personnel to patrol the Banyan Kids Camp. Parents can now rest assured their children are comfortable and safe.


  1. Construction and Hiring of staff: We will begin construction of Banyan Kids Camp September 1st,2018. We’ve chosen this date to avoid disrupting any summer vacationers at Banyan Tree Phuket. Our goal is to have the camp open on March 1st, 2019 for our promotion which will run through the entire month. We will be expanding the Turtle Club building, so it can be equipped with a fully functional kitchen and 2 sleeping cabins that can accommodate up to 10 kids (one boy’s cabin, one girl’s cabin). Our goal is to have the construction of the new camp complete by January 1st, 2019 leaving us two extra months in case of unplanned interruptions. We will begin looking for 1 camp manager, 4 camp guides and 2 security personnel starting February 1st, 2019. This will give us one month to find 7 new employees. We will be specifically hiring camp employees who are certified in Early Childhood Education or have experience as a Camp Guide. This is to ensure we employ staff who enjoy working with children and have a proven track record of success.
  2. Marketing strategy: We will begin running advertisements for Bayan Kids Camp immediately. Our goal is to market our redesigned “Sense of Family” package for the month of March 2019. Most families plan their vacations far in advance and we want to make sure the customer knows about this new facility right away. We will use direct marketing to promote the new camp to previous customers of Banyan Tree. These are customers who have previously brought their children or have inquired about doing so in the past. We will be running print advertisement at local community centers such as local YMCA’s. The print advertisements will target the parents and focus on the family memories that can be made with a trip to Banyan Tree Phuket. We have also decided to create a Banyan Kids Facebook page, so we can share photos and upcoming events for the camp. This is a low-cost way of reaching new customers while connecting with our previous guests. Previous guests will also be able to post pictures from their vacations at the Banyan Kids Camp. The biggest expense of our budget will go to television advertisements on Nickelodeon TV.
  3. We will run 4 breakfast time commercials as well as 4 early peak time commercials. These commercials will run from August 1st, 2018 to January 2nd, 2019. These commercials will specifically target the children and advertise all of the fun and excitement of Banyan Kids Camp. We believe by targeting children we can influence more parents to plan a trip to Banyan Tree. This is similar to the type of television advertising Disneyland runs which has been extremely successful for them. Due to the high costs, we have decided to run our television ads in 4 major Canadian cities. These cities will be Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Our goal is to have the camp operating at upwards of 75% capacity (15 guests) while running our promotion for the month of March. We believe we can easily achieve this by running our commercials in these 4 cities.
  4. Upgrading The “Sense of Family” Package Current Offer: Kids below 4 dine for free. 50% discount for Kids below 12 in all restaurants Complimentary unlimited non-motorized water sports Free access to Turtle Kids Club 4,500 THB food & beverage credit per day for 2 adults and 2 children 20% savings on all body massages at the Banyan Tree Spa 2 hours babysitting service for up to 2 children (one time per stay) Airport transfer by van for everyone to and from the resort Choice of two kid’s activities (1 time per stay)
  5. Promotional Offer (March1st-March 31st, 2019) Kids below 12 dine for free Complimentary non-motorized water sports 2 complimentary days and night stays for up to 3 children at Banyan Kids Camp opening March 1st,2019 (This includes daily excursions, meals, and overnight accommodations) 50 % savings on all spa treatments available at Banyan Tree Spa (for two adults) Airport transfer by van for everyone to and from the resort Choice of 2 family building activities (maximum 2 adults, 3 children) *Save an additional 20% by booking before October 1st,2018)
  6. We have also decided to approach Nickelodeon Tv in hopes of securing a sponsorship deal. If this deal is successful we could have cartoon character mascots come to Banyan Kids Camp to interact with the children. Nickelodeon currently has some extremely popular kids shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Paw patrol. By highlighting that these “special guests” will be visiting Banyan Tree in the month of March we believe we can attract more children to the Banyan Kids Camp. Securing a deal with Nickelodeon could also drastically decrease our advertising expenses in the future.
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