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It takes time to build for big results online

Building a business online is not a fast process – if anyone tells you any different, they want to sell you something! I know, I’ve been scammed and the scammers were well-known in the field of internet marketing! If you are interested in building a solid business online, then you need to take your time and do it right. There’s the rub – do it right!

What is right and what is wrong? It’s starting with something true and following the advice or resources provided. There is a ton to learn and there are a lot of people out there wanting to sell you “stuff” – all kinds of stuff, often preying on your naivety. You need to differentiate between really great businesses out there and the other kind. You can only do that if you know what you are looking for and know the right questions to ask. Often, today, people won’t give you the whole picture until you’re so far into it that it is a real pain to change directions. If you had only known what questions to ask – that’s why you start with reputable sources. Start on the right foot – it helps to do it right when you can find the right people and companies with whom to start the process. What I will give you here are the very best resources I found. If I had had these resources when I first started down the path to making money online, I would have saved myself thousands of dollars, my sanity, and thousands of hours by learning the sane ways to build an online business. Scammers take more than your money. They take your time! A lot of time! And, then because they are so inept, they get a person totally confused. This confusion is deadly in learning something new. And, of course, it is standard for scammers to always blame the client – it’s never their problem!

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Of course, they won’t give you your money back either because they make you sign a contract and, magically, the date for reimbursement has passed by the time you realize they haven’t a clue what they are doing. Thousands and thousands of people are scammed every single day by these scam artists as I found out through later research and they are not all billed as “get rich quick” either! Some people go so far as to mortgage their homes or cash in their registered savings programs for tools, addons, so-called coaching, which, again, garner no results. Some of them even lead their clients on further and further down the road of financial ruin by telling people, “Well, it’s because you don’t have this widget” so the client needs to spend even more money. Some people have been scammed to the tune of over $50,000 without any results whatsoever!

Why would I be giving you this information for free? I believe in doing something positive to reach as many people as possible who are thinking of starting a business online selling products and give them this advice for free – the person doesn’t have to pay me one red cent. It’s my antidote to these scammers by leading you to good people giving good advice, people who really know what they are doing and are running honest businesses. The more the honest and excellent businesses are supported, the less room for others to crawl around inflicting harm. This article – In this article, I will give you a beginner’s path to follow – oh, yes, another thing online – you’ll seldom find a path to follow. Most of what you find is go here then go there then do this and do that and go there, here and the mess goes on wasting time and money. Ironic isn’t it that on computers we find what we need by following paths and yet to learn how to sell using computers, there is no path. If you follow this path, it will be a lot easier to get going on the right foot. And realize this: selling online is a business, it needs to be built like any other business and you need to make decisions along the way about everything – and know that before you finish, you’ll have changed you mind many times on different aspects of your business – it’s natural.

Name of your business – you might change your name several times before you settle on one so don’t be in a rush to create your business name unless you’ll just be using your personal name as the name of your business o decide on what to sell – you’ll hear niche, niche, niche to the point you’ll get sick of that word. All it means is that you take a big category like kitchen and boil it down to something you are actually going to specialize in such as non-stick bake ware or small appliances o create a small business plan for yourself – a one or two pager – this gives you a starting point to write down all your thoughts knowing that it will all change as you go to the process such as My Business is, My Ideal Client looks like this, I am Selling this product, I expect to earn XXX $ in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and This is how I’m going to do it – just list some basic steps at first – o take your time – if you’re working, keep you day job. If you are not, get a part-time job because it will take time and money and resources to get going. o give yourself at least six months to be underway – yes, it’s possible to do it in much shorter period of time but that means you’ll need a little luck to find the right product at the right price at the right time, in the right format and in an economy that is in the “mood” to buy what you are selling. Not likely but hey, it has happened. So the question is where do you start? Take these initials steps – they’ll start you down the right road.

1. Begin with eBay

If you are going to start on eBay which is likely a good idea, then begin by opening an account with eBay and an account with PayPal. PayPal is owned by eBay and you can’t sell on eBay without it. Why is this a good idea? Because you may choose not to sell regularly on eBay at some point, but eBay is always a great resource to try out products and gauge sales before you buy a whole truck full of stuff. It’s easy to open an account – just go to and sign up. The eBay website is enormous and contains so much information, you’ll find it difficult to find what you are looking for at times but they do offer Live Chat on certain pages. Start with the Site Map and go to the Sellers Resources section. Study all the information they have in that category. Some of it may not make sense at first until you get familiar with the site. Look in your closet or basement or shelves and see what you might want to sell that is in good shape but you don’t need it or want it any longer. Make sure it’s not a piece of junk but something that is like new. Go on eBay and sell it on a seven-day auction. Don’t worry about the day or the time of the day or all these factors you’ll learn about later – just sell half a dozen things. Then try a fixed-priced auction. Many, many people will tell you to start selling at 99 cents. No. Don’t unless you will accept 99 cents for the item without regret.

Otherwise, start the bidding at a reasonable level – the minimum you would accept for the item. For the shipping, do not get into free shipping at first. Get the experience of shipping costs. Simply find a way to weigh the item or approximate how much it weighs and how big the box will be to ship it in and look up on the post office website approximately how much it would cost to ship it to furthest distance from you eg if you are on the West Coast then pick a city on the East Coast. Then buy a few things – not expensive things but things you might want or need. Buying and selling on eBay will give you the experience of being both a buyer and a seller so that you can understand what the buyers expect and what it’s like to deliver as a seller. You’ll get an understanding of the eBay fees you are charged, the process for mailing out the item, using PayPal and learning more and more about these two platforms as you wade through the processes. eBay has a ton of free material for learning about selling online – it’s all you’ll need for now. If you can feel comfortable buying and selling on eBay and understand how eBay works, you’ll be a long way along the path to selling online.

2. Figure out what you want to sell

This sounds easy. You are probably thinking you know what you want to sell. Well, you’ll soon find out that what you want to sell may not be what you end up selling for a number of reasons unless you are already in retail and are just adding online sales as a way to go in which case, you’re likely not reading this anyhow. One of the best ways to do a basic initial piece of research is to click on advance search on eBay search bar, put it the search section what you want to sell, click on completed listings below and search. The completed listings will tell you whether such an item is really selling or not and what prices people are willing to pay. There are other places on eBay too which will give information about products being sold such as What’s Hot, Deals of the Day, etc. Know this about eBay: people go to eBay to find bargains – the buyers are looking for the lowest price possible either to resell products on other sites or just because they are bargain hunters. It is not necessarily the price that the item will sell on the open market. Next, you need better research so go to WorldWide Brands, WORLDWIDE BRANDS SITE and sign up for a membership – it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. Chris Malta is the Founder of this enterprise – an honest, no nonsense business man who succeeded online at a time when the tools were not so easy to use and the research much more difficult to come by. At WorldWide Brands you’ll find videos – lots and lots of videos – and information which will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about sourcing products.

More good news – they have suppliers whom they have checked out as reputable suppliers and those suppliers are willing to work with small startups!!! Eventually, you’ll realize what a goldmine WorldWide Brands is as you wade through the maze of things people want to sell you – books, ebooks, courses, coaching, etc. – you’ll know not to buy anything else until you have studied both the eBay and WorldWide Brand information thoroughly. With these two steps alone, it will likely take you at least a month if you work around the clock to study what’s available to you. Keep selling items on eBay while you’re learning. Also, on eBay, listen to the radio show with Griff. You’ll find it on the Sitemap under Community unless eBay has changed the location. You’ll learn that eBay is constantly updating and changing things around. Listen to this show every week – you’ll be amazed what you learn. You’ll eventually want to know more about the marketplace. There are two good research tools available: Hammertap and Terapeak. Eventually, it’ll be a good thing to sign up and buy this service. Yes, another learning curve but well worth it. In the meantime, use Google’s free tools such as keyword research tool – you’ll find a wide array of free tools on Google which, at the beginning, are good enough. Later, you’ll be able to decipher which specific programs, services and addons you’ll need to add.

3. What you’ll eventually realize

You’ve settled on the product you want to sell, you have your suppliers and you’re ready to sell – well, maybe. There are a few more steps first. One of those steps is to sign up with Amazon. Why? Because Amazon is a great place to sell product. Not only is it a great place to sell product but Amazon can also act as your fulfilment house. Instead of having your suppliers send you product, the product is sent to Amazon and Amazon ships it for you – a big, big bonus! Of course, you can make the most money by having your own website along with selling on eBay and Amazon. To that end, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find someone who will build a site for you. Keep it simple but effective at first. Don’t go for fancy, dancy graphics unless you have money to burn and you want to brand yourself immediately. Just get started and the best place to get started is Yahoo Stores. They have a complete solution for ecommerce people.

No matter what people tell you, it’s better to get going – learning by doing – and, once you have all the basics going, then go for the “nice” stuff such as branding and hire people to help you customize your site, emails, etc. You’ll be able to afford it then! If you are totally new to website and ecommerce, obtain the services of Choice4YourStore – they specialize in helping people set up their Yahoo stores for the greatest effectiveness. And, guess what – yes, here too you’ll have access to a lot of educational material all included in the price of admission! You won’t need anything else for now. There you have it – by the time you have gone through all of this, you’ll be selling online. But… there still will remain a massive amount to learn to sell effectively online. The important thing is that you’ll have started on the right foot – you’ll have the basics down pat and ready to take on the more advanced “tweaks” to your business. You’ll have suppliers, three venues to sell from and the opportunity now to keep learning and keep developing your business – there’s a lot more to be done! I sincerely hope this information will be useful to you. Heaven knows it has cost me dearly getting to it – I’d like to save you that time and money!

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