Who Was Batuta and How Muslim Religion Inspired Him to Travel


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Seeking knowledge is a necessary content in Muslim. As early as 1400 years ago, it was famous for its “opposition to ignorance, advocating for knowledge, and pursuing truth”! The great God said in the noble Qur’an:”You should read it in the name of your Creator. He used to create people with blood clots. You should read that your Lord is the most dignified. He taught people to write with a pen. He taught people to know what they don’t know. Things.” (96:1-5)

This is an order from God, this is the first revelation that Allah received. For thousands of years, curiosity and adventure have inspired Islamic travelers to keep moving forward. They not only grow their knowledge through travel, but also spread knowledge to more people in the form of travel notes. When Europe was in the dark Middle Ages, the Islamic world was alive, and all kinds of travel activities were traced from the 7th century AD to the next thousand years. The traveler stories described in this article are from the Islamic world, so for the time being these people are called “Islamic travelers”, although other religious and cultural backgrounds have been active in the travel team.

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Batuta is eager to travel to the world and has his psychological foundation. In the world at that time, it can be roughly divided into three major cultural circles – the Christian cultural circle in Europe, the Arab cultural circle in North Africa and the Middle East, and the Mongolian-Chinese cultural circle in the East. These three cultural circles are not three iron plates. Geographically, they echo each other; from the microscopic point of view, because of war, immigration and other reasons, the formation of you and me, I have you. At that time, the Muslim gathering area had spread all over Europe and Asia. Bai Tutai is chanting “Allah to the Great”, and with the help of many Muslims on the way, he finally completed his feat of walking 120,000 kilometers.

On the road, Batuta started from a friendly and tolerant perspective, trying to interact, work with others and even become friends with other peoples and people of faith. Whether in a pagan country or a Muslim country, he can do these things with a calm and calm attitude. Some people say that it’s a coincidence that Batata became a great traveler. He thought that if he did not go to Mecca for the pilgrimage, he would stay in his hometown. In fact, this is completely a misunderstanding. Batata’s travel is tempted by an ancient map. The director of the Tangier Museum, Adris, pointed out that Batuta’s travel is not just for play, but for the work of his predecessors. Before Tangier, Batata there was also a famous geographer named Idris, who once traveled around and painted the first ancient world map in the world in 1142. This ancient map stimulated the desire of Batata to seek knowledge, which prompted him to become a traveler.

A replica of this ancient map, collected in the Tangier Museum, like the map at that time, it turned the south and north upside down, and itself is full of loopholes. Batata’s life journey is full of legends, and it is hard and colorful. He took turns playing various roles as scholars, businessmen, mystics, warriors, etc. He met magicians, ascetic monks, saints and swallowers along the way, dealing with all kinds of people. He has been in danger for many times and was imprisoned by the mad Sultan. He has been married 10 times and his wife is married. When he started in his hometown, he had nothing in the bag, but he always had a close relationship with the ruler, received a generous gift, even became a minister.

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